Thursday, July 28, 2011

Slow road to recovery.

It is a long road to recovery. The pins are but poor foot is swollen and sore to walk on I sadly can't run. OK I can barely walk. At least the pain medicine is cut way back which is good. Thank you so much for all you support and love on this. It has helped really.
Editing is half done on Haunted Bedtime Stories. Those who have read it, are saying it is crazy, scary, fun and touching. Lots of ghosts don't worry.
I need to get back to work. Then a short nap and dinner/Tea. No fighting over if it's dinner or tea. It's tea for me.
Oh before I forget I did an interview with Morgen in the UK have a read. I suggest you read this blog as well.

Please say hello and lets chat. So what are you reading this summer?
Vampire Corgi's work is never done.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Haunted Bedtime Stories and my Vampire Corgi.

I was so thrilled when Natalie Silva finished the cover of my next book. I love it. This book has a bit of everything. With short stories you can do that. Some of my ghosts are scary, some are very touching and some were never human to begin with. Haunted Bedtime Stories has something for everyone. This isn't a children's book. The editing is finishing up now.
I also want to thank you for your support and love, it helps so much. Princess is a big help even when she is acting like a Vampire! 
It has been three weeks today and my foot is still healing. I am not a patient person. I feel I should be up and running. I have pins in the toes still and sadly still need some pain medicine, which I hate. Next week the pins come out. Not quick enough for me! I have gotten a lot of work done even if Laura is laughing at my spelling. You try and write on pills. 
Well, summer is reading time besides my book what are you reading?
                                       Cover art by: Natalie Silva Designs

Friday, July 8, 2011

Haunted Bedtime Stories, Haboob's and Agents excuses

We had a nice Dark and Stormy Monsoon. If you saw the massive Haboob in Phoenix it came up from Tucson. We had 70 miles per hour winds. The rain was nice but the wind shook the windows. Now we have humid, hot and stick weather. I hope we get nice storms this weekend.
My foot is healing. It doesn't hurt like it did. Less pain medicine is needed that's always good.
'Haunted Bedtime Stories' is coming alone. A few ghost who are funny, scary and endearing to your heart. I hear you will love it. I think so.
I have read 2 blogs this week who went on about why Agents don't pick you up as a client. The blame still is you, your query letter isn't strong enough, you story is lacking something. Agents are so busy they can't send you sorry letters and that is why you hear nothing or get a form letter. Makes you wonder. I think they just want a grantee that they will make money. Please remember don't think outside the box they hate it. I think everyone is busy. Your time means something even if you are not a famous person yet. You still matter I wish agents felt you did too. I feel saying thank you is important as well.
Thank you all again so much for you support and well wishes on my surgery.
I hope you have a great weekend reading all the cool indie writers. So what are you reading?