Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Dad's Pictures from WWII'

Well, at last the book is done. Working with 60 year old film strips can be a challenge. Due to the odd shapes and bad storage, I did the best that could be done with them. I was told no way we can get each page perfectly even, and we didn't. I tried! So I have been told that it looks very good. Its over 140 pictures total. 

The money I make from this Picture Book will go to my son to help pay for his Grad School. So if you are a history fan and or a WWII fan you will love these never before published Photos before. This would be a great gift to give on this Father's Day. 

Thank you all so much for your support and love. You can get you copy here at Createspace, this is a book not an ebook. You can write notes in it to share with your family.

The cover is my Dad. I think he would like this book. I just wish he could have seen it so I would know more about the pictures.

Again Thank You all so much for the love and support as some know the first 4 and half months of this year have been hard. I feel OK for now. Thanks! Now I am going back to writing nice creepy things. Let me know what you think of it Please!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mini trip and picture book.

I have gotten quite a bit done lately on writing. I want to get the picture book done. I hate to say this but geesh I am sick of the pictures. 
I have internet then it goes poof. I had my equipment check and its fine. The internet company says it has to be me. Funny thing the people next door are having the same problem.
So I hope to get the picture book ready this week to go. Wish me luck.
Princess and I are well we had a fun mini trip to Phoenix to see my son and the sites. He started Grad school at ASU so is very busy. It was a nice break and the PBS station had a great show at the Civic Space Center about Sherlock Holmes which was good fun.
OK, back to work for me. Thank you all so much for the love and support it means the world to me and Princess. 
So what are reading and what do you think of the book?

Sometime during Coffin Hop I will tell you about this place. It has a Ghost Lounge.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pictures, Birthdays and repairs Oh my!

The last month has been a busy one. I have had to learn to fix things. Saves money and can be very satisfying. I had a birthday also... So I was ask whats on your bucket list. Well, I don't have one. Wasn't sure I needed one. So after the last four months its time to get to work on things and not worry too much about a list. 
This week I am finishing the last touches on my WWII picture book. So much to polish up and putting together a group of pictures you didn't take is hard. I wonder if they are in the right order. That is something no one will ever know. I have a few pictures that are double exposure which look cool so I will add them in. The pictures were stored so badly with rubber bands and metal paperclips that rusted. So many pictures were lost due to exposure to bad storage. You should never store film strips in an attic or damp cellar. All money made from this project goes to my son who is in ASU Grad school getting his Masters in Education. He will be a science and maths teacher. I so happy for him and ever so proud.
Thank you everyone who sends me a game to play love it.
Time to get to work today. So what do you think of pictures from long ago?
              My Dad. Maybe the cover?