Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Short stuff, wild ghosts, blogs and bad weather.

I have been very busy. In the last two weeks I have gotten three stories done and off to be edited. I became an official company with my son and managed to keep thinking. One of the things you do a lot of when you write is think. I think ghosts are running wild in my head some days.  I do outlines in my head, a rough draft on paper and then to the computer to polish it.
I haven't had the time I like to read many blogs. Like you I have a life as well. It is spring still for most of you me its summer 90s F. So during the summer I get most of my heavy writing done. Its just too hot to go out and do much.
This spring has been a sad one, so many have lost their lives due to bad weather. My thoughts are with these people and I wish them and their pets well. If you can give them anything please do. Don't forget the pet food our little four legged kids need to eat as well. Just check out anyone who wants money.
Good news soon I hope from Draven Ames. Show him some love follow him on twitter @DravenAmes. He is a nice family man. One of many who have been so kind to me on twitter.
Say hi to me on twitter I have my coffee in the morning reading news and chatting up friends. Say Hi and I will talk back. So what are you reading now? Do you have a suggestion for a good scary movie?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The ghosts want to be written

This week I have learned so much. Mostly that I follow a lot of good people. I was asked why I say nothing political. Hmmm good question, many reasons, I don't wish to offend anyone. Beside someday I will take over the world and want all to love me. HA HA HA HAA Evil laughing here.
I have worked on the short blog, I have worked on short stories book. I lost a bit so I need to re-do much. The ghosts want to be heard badly. So do you like the idea of an extra story on either a book or ebook? It's a thought we have had around here. I have had the whip cracked by Cheri and Francy today. Yes, I am writing. I also have to do some research for things in my story. I hate reading books that the writer hasn't a clue about things they write. I still need about five more hours a day or no sleep.
This week I will get two stories on the flash drive for editing. I hope to have all the short stories on the flash drive by the end of the month. So if editing goes well and timely I can get this out so I don't get yelled at! I can only write so fast.
I have met a few new people also. I met Morgaine, who is writing a great story. I see her as another Stephanie Meyers. Her story I can see taking off into a serial.  She has a great imagination. English is her second language but she is doing very well. I hope she keeps up the great work.
I saw the Black Swan at long last. Yes, it is a real psychological thriller. Very creepy up to the end. I love a good story and this was one.
This is the mini blog, have a look let know what you think. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

New computer, writing, cool story and Royal Wedding.

I have a new computer now. The family bought it for me as a Birthday/Mother's Day gift. My PC had been acting up for about 2 months. The battery just died and it was so hot even a cool pad didn't help it. Poor old thing got so hot it quit. So now I am getting used to this new one. Its nice I can read on it. The screen is bright so I hope to get loads of work done. Funny I have killed two computers in six years. I hope this one lasts!
I need to get a few things off the old computer. I did work on a ghost story today. I save my work on a flash so if anything goes wrong... I have a lot of work time to make up for.
I was going to do this earlier today but got lost in a short story by Stephen King in The Atlantic magazine. The story is Herman Woulk is Still Alive. Its a sad tale but you can see how it could be so real. You see these people daily no matter where you live. Some may feel its a stereotype, to me you see this in life. Check it out if you're a King fan.
Did you stay up or get up to see the Royal Wedding? I did. Yes I am a royalist. It was just beautiful with trees in Westminster Abbey. I have been there a few times, you walk on history as you tour the building. Below are some pictures I took the last time I was there. The poets, writers, Kings and Queens are there to see. If you get to London, go see it.
So what are you reading?