Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Friends Favorite Animal Charity's

Happy Christmas to you all. I wanted to share with you my friends and mine favorite Animal charity's Let's not forget our four legged friends this holiday season. As an animal lover and rescuer I don't forget them. Sadly so many beautiful animals need homes, food and toys if you can help or know anyone who can please pass on my blog. Please say Hi to me and show me your beautiful pets. As most of you know I love my Princess to bits. Yes, she is spoiled rotten but I call it loved. No I will not adopt you, LOL been ask many times.

Yes, I have written some. I am working on short story I plan to finish this week. Its partly for a friend of mine she inspired it. It is a ghost story. Not too scary as of yet but who knows it could turn dark quick. Charles Dickens wrote one every year. A Christmas Carol was a good ghost story. I guess that's a very Victorian thing, gone with Christmas puzzles and caroling. So who out there has written a Christmas story? Is it scary?

So here are some great Charity's and Pet product people to support.


                                         Merry Christmas, I hope it's filled with love.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :The Blogs and Artists

Merry Christmas everyone. I wanted to share with a list of great people to follow its both writers and artist. All are really good people. Check out their blogs and I bet you will find a book or more to buy and read. I have met them on twitter and they are such good fun. This is my second Christmas on twitter my first with a blog thanks for making it such a great year all of you who I follow and those of you who follow and support me.

                  Here are two great artist.

Natalie Silva

Howie Noel

                      Spooky Fun stuff.

                   Writers you need to read.

Francy Saunders

Louise Wise     Eden   (out now)

Draven Ames

Jeff Bennington

Derek Haines  he has many books.

J.B. Thomas

Last but never least:

Greg Messel

My Princess and I wish you and your family's happy and fruitful new year. To my writer friends I hope your published and very successful this year. To all of you Thank you.

Merry Christmas or whatever you Celebrate be happy.

Hope your New Year is as great as you all are. What do wish for the New year?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nice people.

Well we all keep hearing about the lack civility, sadly it's true. Then you get on twitter and if lucky met many lovely people. I guess this is why many agents when sent a query letter never answer. They just don't have manors. I have heard many say they post out letter's never to hear a word. It's sad they can't even e-mail them if they don't want to spend 47 cents to say nicely sorry not at this time. If this has happened to you, believe me it's them not you. Maybe this is one reason why I am thinking being an Indy writer is good. If your doing all the work you should get 95% of the money. Still I would strongly would tell any writer don't quit! Keep going. Most of the writers I have met on twitter are so talented and I will be the first to tell them don't quit. Myself I keep plugging along. I hope someday to make a living writing until then I will keep writing. Who knows maybe someday my grand children will cash in on it.
In the mean time I am working on turning my Book in to an e-book. I am also working on short story's for a book of them. I so love Stephen Kings Novellas and 'Needful Things' that is one of my favorite books. They are like bedtime stories for grown ups. I have just gotten 'Full Dark, No Stars' please no spoilers of it for me.
Like I said I have met some lovely writers on twitter. One was kind enough to say he would like to talk about working together on a blog post. Jeff thank you. Please follow his blog at http : //  thewritingbomb . blogspot .com  I think he has talent. So does a another writer you should follow is Draven Ames, you can find a link to his blog on my Facebook page.
If your a writer please say Hi and give me your blog address. Thanks for following my blog, comment anytime.
Do you like e-books? Do you prefer a paperback book?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Full of short Stories now.

Well I have been writing this short story. It just came out so I write. If the spirit moves me to write a story I do. I seem to have a few in me lately. I hope I can put out a short story book next fall. I also think I may ask a new writer I have met to put in a story.
This week I am finishing off all holiday chores. I plan on painting a wall in the dinning room to surprise the family. My special gift to them, I do the work. I have enjoyed having my son home mostly. I know soon he will go away to work and grad school and I will miss him. My son is also helping with e-book things. Keep your fingers crossed we can get this done soon.
Please feel free to follow me on twitter. @KittyCorgi. Remember if you ask me to RT your blog please follow me and do the same for me. I enjoy meeting new people this weeks new friend is in Scotland. Hi shashwa  hope your snow has let up.
I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading my blog. Do you want lots ghost stories in a book of short stories?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Holidays again.

The holiday season is here again. I have been inundated with request for my Princess's address for gifts. Please give gifts of toys and food to your local animal shelter. My Princess is just that a Princess. I don't hang lights on my house. I have met a writer who's blog I read, so spot on to me about the holidays. Then again he as well writes on the dark side. I have managed to get the holiday cards done. I am behind this year doing that.
Now as for my writing I had a few days I couldn't write anything that made sense. Friday the words started to fly, now to go back to edit. I seem to forget words when I get going to fast. Well I have a few what I think are good ideas for short stories. Sometimes what I think will be short comes out long. We will see.
Oh was just reminded, yes I have cut about 6.5 inches of my hair. The hair goes to charity and I can grow more to go as well. My dear stylist made my hair look so pretty, yea I couldn't repeat the look that well. Maybe in time it will. Princess says lets have breakfast and she has finished off my coffee.
What writers Blogs do you enjoy and could you please share with me and those who kindly read my blog?

Can you stop & eat now.