Sunday, May 25, 2014

End of May How?

Grab a cuppa and relax. Well, how did May fly by so fast? It seems that the weeks fly by as of late. I sadly got the shingles, a cold and sinus infection all together. I am well on the mend but boy did it kick my bum. 

So have you made your summer plans? I am not real sure I will take a holiday. I will do NaNo Camp in July. It’s hot here so inside writing all day is a good thing.

I have been thinking about the story I wrote in April and need to get to work on it again. Somedays I wish there were three of me.

I am still trying to read Doctor Sleep. The medicine I was on for being sick just made me sleep. It also gave me fuzzy vision. 

What are you reading now? Need a suggestion try Dime Store Novels they are all kinds of fun books.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Camp and Why

Grab a cuppa for a bit.

Someone asked me how I could write a book in a month. Well, you just do it. No it’s not finished and things need to be fixed but it’s done. Revising and editing take time. You just sit and write and the more you write the better you get. I get a giggle when I hear someone say “I could write a book, it’s not that hard” I answered once, then do it. It is hard work and you have to stick to it.

In July I will be at it again. NaNo Camp will start and I will sit at the keyboard and type away. I have an idea of what is going to be written. It goes with the last two I wrote.

This week I will be revising and editing. I also need to get a doctor now that I have moved. I have researched and now to see if they are taking on new patients. Moving can be fun but then again you have to find new doctors and hairdressers! My hair is a mess.

I need to get back to work. Time to write I have a short story in mind.

So have you started you summer reading list yet? May I suggest trying the Dime Store Novels. 

Princess checking my work.

Monday, May 5, 2014

                                             May the Month of Catch Up.

Take some time, sit and have a cuppa with me. I have been crazy busy this last month and half.

Well, to begin at the end of March I sold my house at long last and closed on it. Only took them a year to close on it, crazy I know.  I had to move in less than a month. I then packed up and moved to Phoenix for now. 

I rented a condo and I was wrong to rent this place. It’s Thunderdome nightly with traffic and when we moved in it wasn’t cleaned. My mistake I am told, because if I wanted it clean I should have said so before I signed the lease. Yes, you read right. I have lived all over the world and this is the first time I have ever moved in to anything that was dirty. I have lived in third world countries and they took pride on being clean. Every place I have rented they wanted the house or flat to be kept nice and clean. So Princess and I had to clean before we could unpack.  She showed teeth on that.

Well, we are almost unpacked. I am keeping some things packed for my next move which will be when this lease is up.

The month of April was a NaNoWrit camp and yes I did that. I wrote a book for it. I will also do the July camp. Then the last week of April, friends in Germany tell me they are coming to America. Said they are getting married in Vegas. I say, can I come? Sure they say. So I finished my writing my camp book, three days early, book a flight and hotel and off I went. April is my birthday so that was my gift to me. It was the wonderful to them. They are just so lovely I wish I could keep them here! When I got home family in the UK had sent me two bags of the crisps I love best.

So this week I need to get a family doctor, dentist and a vet for my beautiful Princess. Yes, I need to start on the edit of book and finish getting settled in for now.

So the slacker I am, I am sorry it took so long to do a blog. I will be better until July when I go crazy and write another book. 

What am I writing? Well it’s a series of stories which can stand on their own. They are filled with all kinds of supernatural beings and yes, a few ghosts. The characters are all over this fab world we live in and they travel among you too. 

In closing for now I hope you are all well and are reading some great stories by my friends at Coffin Hop or check out the NaNo list of writers they are fun too. So lets sit by the camp fire, make s’mores, read and tell ghost stories. Cheers for now. What are you doing?