Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fast February

Grab a cuppa and have a seat.

February has always been a short month. This one seems even shorter with so much needed to be done. My house is over half packed and I have been flat shopping to find a nice place for Princess and myself.

Monday the 17th, I was lucky enough to go to a book signing of Becket's Key books and Raven Quinn, who I have known for a few years did the illustration of the books. It was fun to met her in person. I met her online and I am not sure why we followed each other. I do know she can sing so beautifully. I have her CD, its lovely.

Next, I have a corgi meet up so Princess can see her own kind. Yes, she thinks she is human. I hope seeing others like her she will understand she is not.

I am still looking for a place. One I saw was wonderful but told I need a two car garage. I am also going to start getting rid of furniture. I have too much stuff and am tired of cleaning it.

So if anyone could please get me another week this month please do. I am job hunting in the UK now. I miss the rain and nice Vinegar and Salt Walkers crisps, proper fish n chips and family and friends too. Not sure in which order either. 

Princess and I need to pack for a quick trip to Phoenix maybe I will find a place. Maybe I will get time to work on my books I miss writing.

Keep reading so many wonderful books too read so little time. What have you read? 

Cheers for now and say hi to me on twitter or here I will get back to as soon as I can.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day
May your day be full of love.

Monday, February 3, 2014

February Job Hunt Begins

Grab a cuppa, and put your feet up. 

Hard to believe no quiet time here. No getting up and going each day and busy for hours on end. Well, I will be fine and not starve. We knew this was coming as of last April. Sadly the bank who was told just didn’t get it. Yes, they were told monthly and yet it didn’t sink in. I have a great offer for this house they just need to sign off. This has been going on as of last September. I guess it’s my fault the house and all the houses on my block are underwater. I am the one who really loses not them. 

So today I am writing my blog then back to writing. I have a character who just keeps talking to me. He wants written! I also need a good editor that doesn't cost a fortune! I checked out a couple and sorry but forty dollars a page is a bit steep for me. Also no guarantee they are good either. Well, I have re-read and fixed a few bits on the story I wrote for NaNo and found a few things and saw I had left out a few things. That crazy story adds even more too it’s word count. I am really pleased with the story. It should stand on its own fine and the story I am writing now could go with it. I will keep going on it. 

I hope someday I get lucky and get an agent until then I keep writing and Erich can publish my things. He is the boss. I wish I could earn a living just writing. That would solve so many things. 

I hope you are having a good week. Now about Valentine's Day, what to do? Should I have a give away or something? I have been so busy getting things sorted out I have had no time to think. 

So time for me to get to work. Chat me up when you can I am only online a short time each day early morning or last thing at night so I will be slow to get back to you. 

Cheers for now, Princess wants to go out.