Thursday, March 31, 2011

Book reviews, how to deal. Glamor of a writer's life.

What a long week. I read a few blogs, most are about books and eBooks and what the writers are doing. I was sent a blog to read "Big Al's Books and Pals". He did a review of a book. He said it was interesting, but need some work on spelling and grammar. Its not a bad review, but the writer hated it. She went into a public melt down that was embarrassing for herself. Many asked her to stop but sadly she didn't in fact she resorted to profanity. I don't know the lady, no idea whats going on in her life. It was so sad to see someone ruin a chance of a book deal. Many agents read blogs and blogs that review books. We have all had one time or another been on the end of someones meltdown. We have also all had meltdowns but most of don't go public. I feel bad for this lady up to a point, but be real not everyone is going to love your work. I had a bad review but sadly the reviewer couldn't be nice enough to say why he disliked my book. I wish this lady well and hope she gets her act together.
I read another blog saying as a writer we should teach others to write. I was a High School teacher. I taught art for a long time. The people who read my blog are adults and have read books on how to write and some have taken classes in college. Some read my blog because they want to know what is up with me and when my next book is out. I will not insult them by saying you need to read this book on how to or do what ever. If asked I can honestly say everyone write in his or her own way. Books on how to are a tool. You can read every book ever written on how to but you still need an imagination.
Many people think a writers life is all glamor. Not so, most are hard working people who hold down a full time job, family life and then write their books, blogs and do publicity work for them selves. Having four full time jobs is not easy. Its stressful and very hard work. Please be kind to them and support them and if you read a book that's good to you pass it on to others. Today I am  passing on a book that is very good to read.  "A Proper Charlie" by Louise Wise. You can get her book on
As for me I have been working the on five shorts stories for my book. I wrote most of these stories over the last year. I write in a notebook I call my sloppy copy book. I then put on the computer for spelling and grammar then off to editor and then re-done, repeat. It is a slow process and I do have to do things like clean house, cook and walk Princess. Oh the glamor of it all.
So here are a few writers I would recommend to anyone. Stephen King is a great story teller, Jack Ketchum will scare you to bits, Dan Simmons can tell you a tale you wont put down and if you like historical fiction kind of girly go for Philippa Gregory. Here are few other cool writers you many not know.....Debbie Mack, Louise Wise, Greg Messel, Belinda Frisch, Debra Purdy Kong check them out on Twitter.
So what book would you recommend me to read?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring herb garden, working on book and ghost.

Well spring is here, so that means summer in two days. I have gotten my garden cleared of the dead stuff. I wont plant as much this year. I need to replace my herb garden. Princess loves it she eats the basil off the plant. Its very dry in southern Arizona so if you here visiting please be careful with any fire objects.
Yes I have been writing. I have one story done and have 4 others started. My next book will be all short stories and if my editor is well out by mid to late May. One story is a bit humorous in a macabre way. Then I have an odd look on life. Most of the stories are ghost ones, I do love ghost. I am not afraid of them. This seems odd to me so many fear ghost. I bet you walk by them daily and never know they are sitting or standing by you...
Let me hear from you, I love to hear a good ghost story. Got Ghost?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tunsiumi Charity's

Hello this is Princess, I ask to do this blog as she and I are very worried over our friends in Japan. Sadly not a word, I do my paw prayers for their safety. We have checked all the links and yet nothing. Please pray for all the people and animals of Japan. Also please pray for all the people in every place who are suffering.
I found these sites that are legitimate. Always check any site that wants money sadly so many greedy humans. Here is video by Mr. George Takei. You may know him from Star Trek. He has a list of good charity's on his short video.
Well as a Princess with many wonderful corgi friends in Japan please help the animals, check out these sites.

Thank you all very much for your kindness. Thank you also for being so kind to my Mum.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Art, Dollar store books, Book fair & life this week.

 What a week. I was thrilled to have so much support by a local place here in Tucson, The Source Salon. All kinds of artist have their work there & you can get a fab style to your hair. So if your here visit the shop, The Source on Speedway cool place.

So I was asked whats your thoughts on the 99 cent books. Well like a dollar store you get what you pay for. Some are good and the writers need the money. Others well not so good. Its up to you. I say check out their blogs and do research into them. Also if they say they have many awards easy to check go to the award web site. If they are not on the short list no they are not up for it. Sadly many are not honest. Me no awards yet! I hope someday!

Well we have a huge Book Fair here in Tucson, Arizona this weekend. Many great writers will be here to chat with and sign your book. I will be there too. So come up and say Hi, I will give you a bookmark. No joke. I will be there on Saturday and I look just like the picture on my blog. The times I am there will be on twitter, check my tweets. You can't me miss tall blond who talks funny.

OK I have game for you. I have 3 special bookmarks signed by me of my book 'Dust of Tombstone' I will sign them to you personally all you have to is answer 3 questions, follow me on twitter and @Kittycorgi, and tell me who was the main character in my book is, the name of my corgi and what happened to the main character in the end. I will announce the winners on Sunday March 13, about noon my time. I will post off to you the bookmark signed to you, easy as that.

So let me hear from you. Any questions?

You could win this bookmark only three like this.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Answers to Questions I was ask.

In the last few says I was ask a few questions. I am not used to that. So here are a few....

How do you get ideas?   I get many of my ideas in day to day life. I am working on story that was inspired by a place I drive by anytime I go into town. I also am very lucky and have travel in my life some places just stick with you. As I have said London is like walking on history very inspiring place. Read Oscar Wilde makes you think even today. I write what I know about.

Does technology inspire you?   Not really. Its a tool. I don't rely on it. I fear many think they will get facts when in fact Wikipedia isn't always right. I do have a set of encyclopedia's also Dictionary and my favorite Thesaurus. I think YouTube is fun but I agree with King on it.

Is it hard to write a book?   Yes and no depends on the story. My book I wrote in a notebook, then on the computer, then had read it by 3 people, off to an editor, back read again. By the time it was out I was sick of it. I don't mind the research. I have read a few things that all I could say was what? There is a lot that goes into writing a book or even a short story. I do like my book again, its not perfect maybe, who is?

Why scary?  I grew up with a ghost. I love ghost. I also have a dark side. I was the kid who loved all the Vincent Price bad movies of Edgar Allen Poe. I also was a reader, if you write you must read. Yes Halloween is my favorite holiday. I have a Halloween village, I have costumes its just good fun. If I scare the kids down the street all the better.

Do you have a question for me? Look forward to hearing from. Just remember things that go bump in the night also go bump in the daylight. Its not always dust floating by you....