Thursday, January 27, 2011

Formatting Ebook.

This is just a short update to let you know whats up.

I have not seen the formatting yet son says it will go fast. I hope so I am very nervous. He re read it to be sure no mistakes missed, I think he is done reading it. I was told by him he feels its better than some things he has read as of late. So as I wait and worry my house got clean.

My dear friend says I need a website soon. I think that's nice but need to wait. I will get a new picture for the book of myself. No change in my looks, but Princess looks great.

Thank you all for your support. You do make me feel better. It's my first book out and it is a big deal to me. I do hope you like ghost who are evil. Mine in the book are real nasty. Thanks Francy, Natalie and Erich for all your help on it.

My question to you all is what do like in a description of a book? How much or what do you want to know?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Very cool Short story you must read!

As most of you know the last couple of weeks my attention span has been that of a fruit fly. If it's not what I am doing, I go blank. I found the cure to that. I have a new friend Draven Ames we have been tweeting a while. Anyway he said when you can please read 'Nothingness' his short story of the month. Well after dinner instead of pacing about my son saying are you done yet with that, I read his story. To say it is excellent isn't enough. It holds your attention as well as makes you think. I have to say I am god-smacked by it. The story says a lot about the way we all live and our kids live too. Imagination or lack of being inspired to use it. I think we will being seeing Draven's stories for years to come in the same breath as your favorite writer's. So take the time and read it, follow him on twitter and friend him. I am so pleased I can say he is my friend.

Well news from me, I have been told that I need a photo of Princess and myself for the back cover of my book. I think this is to scare the reader! All joking apart this has been hard for me. I have gone out of my comfort zone so much in the last year. I am a shy person basically but am glad I came out to chat to many on twitter. Thanks for the support and encouragement it is greatly appreciated.

Read Draven's story, OK now tell me what do you think of this story? 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ebook is hard work.

What a week. I have been making sure book is right t's crossed i's dotted as they say. Now its being read to make sure I didn't miss anything. The cover is done with great advice from Natalie Silva designs. I knew there was many fonts but not that many. So now I have to wait until readers have checked my work. I hope to have the book on sale by the first week of February.This has been so daunting and so much hard work. Also thank you so much for your support about this.
I will let you know when Dust of Tombstone is for sale. Trust me I will be tweeting about it like mad. Oh, whats it about? No its not a western as I have said yes it has many ghost. I think you will like them in a creepy way. These ghost kind of go people hunting. It is set in a real town, with real people and trust me the real ones are super nice and way fun. The stories they tell are such good fun. Next week I will post the cover of the book, it is an Ebook never sure how to put it.
What do you like to see in a description of a book? So what question do you have for me about this book I can fill you in on?

The Photo was taken last week by Erich Kirwin.
It's the Birdcage Theater and you can read more about it in my book. Even in the day time its creepy.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tombstone Ghost and Thank you.

I want to take a few minutes to say thank you. To all who have called, e-mail or tweeted me, yes I am fine. Tuscon is really a nice place to visit. Sometimes I do get homesick everyone does.
This week has been busy as always. I am working on a cover for my e-book. I took a quick trip to Tombstone for dinner and some pictures. Also to visit the ghost who inspired my book. Again Thank you all for following and visiting my blog.

When your driving east on I-10 leaving Pima County entering Cochise County the winds you feel may be ghost rushing back to the poker game and whiskey that never ends in Tombstone.

Have a great weekend. Let me know how you are. So what do you think of this picture my son took of the main drag in Tombstone last night?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

E-Book art is hard,what to do waiting, books and Huckleberry Finn.

I Have been very busy around here. I making my book into a e-book and hope to print a few in paperback. Sounds easy right, basically it is, but then you need the Art and a Bar code. So now this is where I am at the Art and Bar code. I think putting it out on Amazon is going to be best for me. I have done a my research and feel they are best for my work.
So Art, well my book is about the American Southwest but its not a Western. So my problem a modern cover which goes on in Tombstone, Arizona. Its not what you call a modern city look. You can get WiFi all over in the town too! I will get some advice from a dear friend Natalie a graphic artist. If you need art work check out her website.
I was ask if I gave advice on writing, no. I think we all have our own way of doing things. I like to start a story with a notebook and pen and just write, no paragraphs and spelling is my shorthand. One bit of advice if you do write a book don't send it in on pink paper with your pretty handwriting in gold ink. I hear they don't like that at all LOL.
When I go somewhere I have my notebook and a book to read depending on my mood. I keep books in my car you never know when your going to have a long wait then you have something to do. Also you can't always get free WiFi for your mobile or laptop. I have an artist friend she keeps art supplies in her tote bag and draws. She can draw any animal so realistic.
As those of you who kindly follow my tweets know I got on the soap box mad. Sorry but I was upset that some fool felt the need to change Mark Twain's book Huckleberry Finn. This book is making a point, Racism is wrong and so is Slavery. I strongly feel that racism and slavery is wrong and sadly is still going on in this world. If we cover up the past, ignore the past we are doomed to repeat it. Those who think that it's cool to rewrite Huckleberry Finn need to read it and then read and comprehend 1984 as well as Fahrenheit 451. It will scare the daylights out of them. Off that soap box now.
As you can see I have been very busy. This year I am sure we will all do great. Let me hear from you on twitter say Hi. So what's on your mind about my book?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Years to you all. Thank you for making the last year so very nice.

This is to wish you all great happiness and health in the new year. I am so lucky to follow many writers, artist and musicians and they follow me back lets have the most creative year yet. I wish you all well and to be published and able to support your selves with your art. Those of you who do such great animal charity's I hope you continue with your great work.

So what do you wish for this New Year?

 Another cracker please!