Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Spring

Happy Easter and Passover.

Let's have a lovely cup of tea.

Spring is here and so it is time of new flowers. I see all the pastel colours in the shops. Which means a new Dr. Who time and then to my great surprise Mr. Selfridge on PBS here in America.

I am downsizing and have cleaned out the loft/attic. Princess and I are well. I have been working of finishing up edits and art for Three That Haunt. My friend and artist, the wonderful Natalie Silva, will be doing this cover and interior art again. I hope you will love it as well.

The first story in Three That Haunt is Park on the Lake. It's a tale of an amusement park that had been left untouched for 70 years. The second, PODS, is a very short story about a young man who passed away in his first home. The third story is Gus, you will hear what walls do say about a castle which is very old. As you know most castles have long and bloody histories. We hope to have it ready very soon to publish.

Princess and I wish you all a happy spring, Easter, Passover and Dr. Who time.

PS- Have you read any of the Dime Store Novels? If so please tell what you think.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

March Edits

Lets have a cuppa.

March, as they say, came in like a lamb and is turning in to a lion. I am editing Three That Haunt and then off to the beta readers. I hope that my artist Natalie and I can add some cool art in the book as well. So hang in there, it’s almost time to get Three That Haunt.

I have also been busy doing a bit of house clearing. I have to downsize this year. No more waiting sadly. Princess refuses to give up her any toys, no matter how battered and bruised. I have to do something with a huge doll I inherited. She is lovely but not something I need. So I will looking for a new home for her. It is funny the things you forget you have and need to go. 

Three friends have had losses this month and I am so sorry I can’t make things better for them. I wish I knew the right thing to say. Each lost someone of a different age group, one very old who had a great life, one in the prime of life and another before it began. All are hurting and all I can do is send love to them. They know they can call just to talk, I will listen as long as they need. So if you're a prayer please say a small prayer they will be alright and grief won’t overtake all the good they have too.

Princess just said, get you bum back to work Mum. As one of my bosses I best mind her. Also I want to send out a huge Happy Birthday out to a dear friend Cherianne! Yes, she is 21 again!

Hang in here! Three That Haunt is coming as soon as we can get it out. In the mean time what are you reading?