Monday, July 20, 2015

I hope your all having a wonderful summer. I did a bit of writing. 
Cheers for now!

Monday, May 11, 2015

I am still alive. I have moved and will fill you all in on what's up soon.
Cheers for now.

Monday, March 9, 2015

March in like a Lion and out with a moving van...

Grab a cuppa and have seat. We can catch up on things. Some times life goes in different directions than you thought.

Well, I am moving the end of March to the Portland/Vancouver area of the American NW. I visited there this past Christmas season and it is lovely. Princess loves the idea of getting to where her rain coat more and her jackets. I am glad to have season again as well.

I was also informed by my Doctor I was mis-informed by a Doctor here in Phoenix. I have not been in remission with my RA. Well, I knew that my poor bones have just ached so bad and I have eaten too much tylenol. I am back on proper RA meds so now I can get things done. I feel a bit better it is going to take a good month or more for the meds to kick in.

If you have Instagram you can follow my travels this month and Princess’s wild life. I follow some wonderful people on it and fab photographers.

Well, time to book flights, rental cars and hotel rooms. I hope your all well. Read some books, like Doctor Sleep by: Stephen King.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentines Day ❤

Happy Valentines, I hope you spend it making you happy, not the card companies. I love handmade cards made just for you. I will be doing laundry. With help because I have only one arm that I can use. I have a severe RA and am trying to get in to a RA doctor here. So the Doctor put me on pain pills. Wish the pills worked. Princess and I will hang out together. I do have a writers meeting in the afternoon which I can't miss. They keep me up and are so encouraging to me. They also crack the whip which is helpful. I love them all dearly so that's like Valentines every week for me.❤

I wish you love and doing what you  love. I love scary movies and books so that will happen too. Mostly I wish for you what you love. Make yourself happy eat what you love and do something you love.❤

Happy Valentines to you all. Now go read a good book!❤

            ❤ ❤ ❤

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy 2015

Once upon blog. 

Well, Grab a cuppa put your feet up so we can catch up.

I have been very busy getting better. I had surgery in December. I had blurry vision and my allergies were going crazy. Now no blurry vision and allergies a bit better. After allergy testing I was told I am allergic to everything that grows naturally here in Arizona. So I have to choose shots weekly or move. The boss says move up here to Portland area.

While I healed from surgery I went to Portland for the holidays. It was fun and not really cold. So across the river from Portland is Washington State and I am thinking of it. I would love to live in California but can’t find a place I could afford with a garden for my beautiful Princess. So this year I plan to get healthy and at least one book published. 

The book I am working on is Lily Starr and she is an immortal. This is her tale of how she went from a German Princess to an American Rancher. Edits are going slow sorry. Oh yes, there are ghosts and a few other things going on. She has loads of fun friends who are just as interesting as she is and some even bloody thirsty. In the last year I did three nano’s and completed each one with a book. All are Lily’s friends. So now I need to get cracking on edits I know.

So this year I will move yet again and get you Lily Starr to read. Thank you for hanging in here with me. I just need to keep healthy and away from the things that I am allergic too. Maybe my Asthma will go away once the allergies clear up.

I wish you all a wonderful New year along with prosperity and health. I hope I can go on more mini road trips and if lucky meet up with some of you.

I am reading Stephan Kings Rival and just finished Doctor Sleep so good. I like to read an hour at bedtime to Princess. She seems to enjoy me reading to her. I hope you all got at least one book this past holiday season.

Time for a fresh cuppa, go read and enjoy.


Saturday, November 29, 2014

National Writing Month

I did it over 50,400 words.

I will chat you all up soon, so grab a cuppa and read one of my books.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

12th of Nov.

Grab a cuppa, I hope you are all well. I am writing away at NaNoWrtMo and just came up for air.

I am currently re-reading Becket's book Key. A lovely Singer and artist did the illustrations, Raven Quinn. As I write I have been listening to her new CD.

Princess and I are well. Chat you up soon so go read!