Monday, August 30, 2010

Long trip ahead

Well I am getting excited 15 days until I am in London. Can't wait so much to see so many people to visit with. I will post many pictures when I get back, hopefully you will enjoy them.
Today, no writing done, I feel it was an unproductive day and tomorrow is busy as well. When traveling you have so much to get together the climate is different its cold and here I sit in 82F at 10.30pm. Winter weather for me. Fall in London is wonderful. I will have time to do some writing and check out locations I may use in the book I am working on now. Walking through London is like walking around history its a very exciting city.
So read my short stories let me know what you think. Make it a great week.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Planning a new Trip

I am currently planning a trip to London, Great Britain. I want my son to see where part of his family is from. He also doesn't remember being in London last he was 8 years old. Now it will be fun he is an adult and we can go out in the evenings. Soho look out!
It will be cold to me after being here in the desert the last 16 years. I will write some too I am always inspired by travel. I currently working on my second book. I may publish my first as a kindle type. I need to find out more about the process.
Found a new singer who is wonderful to me Raven Quinn I got her CD from Amazon. I have another group I just love 'Starlight Mints' such good fun.
Back to writing now.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tombstone, Arizona USA trip

I took a day trip to Tombstone this passed weekend. It was my second trip down there. The book I wrote is about The Birdcage Theater. I wanted to be sure I got my facts right and see about selling my book down there. Well if your in Arizona go visit Tombstone its not expensive but ever so much fun. Many free museums and shot outs on Allen Street. The people dress up as well in 1880's clothes so cool. Cochise County is so beautiful and green now due to the monsoon rains. Dragoon Mountain range is just breath taking. Mini trips give my brain time to think and imagine. I hope you like the pictures.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Writing trip to New Mexico

I have been a busy person. Taking a great trip to New Mexico help clear the cob webs and think. It helps when the day to day things are gone you can really concentrate on what you want to write. The wide open spaces and beautiful monsoon clouds give you time to imagine. In the book I have written a small bit of New Mexico is in it and I was spot on.
This weekend I will take time to do some writing after a portrait will be taken. I am sad my beautiful dog won't be in the picture. She is after all the only baby girl I will ever have.
So I have some wonderful pictures of my trip to look at and just dream which really help me write. I hope you will stay with me I do try to keep my blog posted. I forget because I am writing and think oh I am tired tomorrow, then a thought pops in my head and I am writing away. When you have time read my two short stories on here and let me know what you think. See you here or on twitter.