Friday, September 25, 2015

Long road to recover...

Grab a cuppa,
A long recovery is hard, next Tuesday I get a biopsy. The cyst is no longer infected, sadly it still hurts to eat and gives me headaches. So I wait. I do understand that the removal could result in being paralyzed on my left side. So yes, I am scared. 

Thank you all for your fun pictures,cool blogs  and cool places you have been. I enjoy looking at them. Today I was told ‘you need to get out’ So I went to the Santa Fe outlet mall it was ok. Visiting Santa Fe could have been fun if there had been parking close enough for me to walk about. No, I am not driving on pills and dizzy. Princess enjoyed the day and is keeping my spirits up. That’s whats new or I should say the same old same old with me.
Again love your blogs and Three That Haunt has been worked on and soon will be up for sale again. I am hoping to have a Halloween give away. Sorry Coffin Hop was cancelled. It was the best fun in Oct. I will post the cover picture soon.
Cheers all.
Kitty and Princess the vampire corgi. She makes me write that!

Just heard it's up and ready to get.

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