Friday, June 17, 2011

Fathers Day

This is Father's Day weekend. Most know that, some have Dads and some not. Dads are not always men some are women who are both Mum and Dad. Who ever Dad is in your life tell him/her thank you for caring and being there. Even if he/she doesn't wish a big fuss just say I love you.
Here in Arizona, most of the state is on fire. I live between fires and can smell the smoke and see it. Many have had to leave their homes not knowing what will become of house they call home. I hope you will pray for them and their pets. It is very dry here if you live here please be careful with BBQ's, camp fires, fireworks and no cigarettes butts out the car windows.
I want to thank you all for following and well wishes. Also thank you for buying my book. I am working hard on the short stories book. It is being edited now. I will let you know when it is coming out.
So summer reading, how about passing on your favorite Independent writers site or Amazon link. Support each other and pass on the links. Kindness never hurts and they need the support as much as you.
If you are new to following me say hello. I will be spending the summer relaxing from surgery. I hope to get loads of writing done. Here is the link to a new friends books Paranormal Urban Fantasy stories. Also a bit of fun link to of mine. What are you reading?

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