Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fast February

Grab a cuppa and have a seat.

February has always been a short month. This one seems even shorter with so much needed to be done. My house is over half packed and I have been flat shopping to find a nice place for Princess and myself.

Monday the 17th, I was lucky enough to go to a book signing of Becket's Key books and Raven Quinn, who I have known for a few years did the illustration of the books. It was fun to met her in person. I met her online and I am not sure why we followed each other. I do know she can sing so beautifully. I have her CD, its lovely.

Next, I have a corgi meet up so Princess can see her own kind. Yes, she thinks she is human. I hope seeing others like her she will understand she is not.

I am still looking for a place. One I saw was wonderful but told I need a two car garage. I am also going to start getting rid of furniture. I have too much stuff and am tired of cleaning it.

So if anyone could please get me another week this month please do. I am job hunting in the UK now. I miss the rain and nice Vinegar and Salt Walkers crisps, proper fish n chips and family and friends too. Not sure in which order either. 

Princess and I need to pack for a quick trip to Phoenix maybe I will find a place. Maybe I will get time to work on my books I miss writing.

Keep reading so many wonderful books too read so little time. What have you read? 

Cheers for now and say hi to me on twitter or here I will get back to as soon as I can.

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