Sunday, May 25, 2014

End of May How?

Grab a cuppa and relax. Well, how did May fly by so fast? It seems that the weeks fly by as of late. I sadly got the shingles, a cold and sinus infection all together. I am well on the mend but boy did it kick my bum. 

So have you made your summer plans? I am not real sure I will take a holiday. I will do NaNo Camp in July. It’s hot here so inside writing all day is a good thing.

I have been thinking about the story I wrote in April and need to get to work on it again. Somedays I wish there were three of me.

I am still trying to read Doctor Sleep. The medicine I was on for being sick just made me sleep. It also gave me fuzzy vision. 

What are you reading now? Need a suggestion try Dime Store Novels they are all kinds of fun books.


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