Monday, September 15, 2014



Grab a cuppa and have seat. You need to relax for a few and we can catch up.

I am glad summer is almost over. This summer I have been sick most of it. I sick of being sick. The Doctor said Arizona is making my asthma worse and allergies as well. If anyone tells you move to Arizona you will not have allergies, asthma or any aliments they lie! It will fun they said...

I have been tagged for many things and sadly not enough time to respond to them all. Princess has also been tagged and she say’s you do it Mum. Sorry, I will try to answer a few Tags here...

  1. I did adopt Princess, Love her like my own.
  2. I have written a few books all can be gotten on Amazon, KOBO, and Itunes.
  3. I am very grateful for all my friends and internet friends as well.
  4. I have two blogs this one and my Tumblr one Ghost of The Wind. It’s things that hit my fancy.
  5. I do loads of Instagram pictures, most yes, are Princess.
  6. I am a massive Doctor Who fan. I love it!

I have been busy working on seeing if I can afford to move back to the UK. I miss it and my loved ones there. I may need to sell my Halloween Village. I am not thrilled with this, but, that being said we all have to make sacrifices in life. I know this fact well and have made many in my life. If you are interested in it let me know.

Well, I will be getting Lily Starr back soon and do the first round of edits. Then it goes to the second round and polished up. From there it will be beta read and if any mistakes, I will be told loudly. I hope so anyway. I caught one mistake once and laughed so hard at myself. One thing too remember always be able to laugh at your self. It is hard at times but try.

Now for Coffin Hop. I will have a give away and I am thinking on a tale to spin on the blog. If my dear sweet wonderful Editor has time to edit a short tale. Please with champagne and dark chocolate on top! I know I am shameless!

Time for me to get back to writing. I am working on another Immortal she is pretty cool lady, after two blokes I am hearing this lady tell me her tale. So to speak, when the voices stop talking you know it’s writers block.

I will see you soon. Do you like the idea of immortals?


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