Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Long time

Well I have been so busy. I miss my quiet time to write now that my son moved home. I have told him Mum needs to write. He needs a job. I have two stories in the works I just need time to develop them. Being summer I should have more time after all I have finished doing work on my garden. I also for some crazy reason am doing an article for www.AnipalTimes.com for my beautiful little girl puppy PrincessGwenie. She even has a twitter account. Maybe I need my head examined! I feel its writing & that's a good thing. So any comments or suggestions are so welcome. Thanks for reading my blog.


  1. Love your stories, write more...we also loved your garden visits in the anipaltimes.com daily dog read...to fun

  2. Its really tough when adult kids come home..both of ours have been out, home and are both back out for good, or should be barring some financial emergency..never say never. Takes a lot of adjustment on both of your parts.
    I am Barb, HaloButterbuns' mom! We don't twitter very much anymore but we just love Gwenie! He loves his postcards and we must get another out to her from him soon..
    Hang in there!