Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello, listen to the people talk.

I have spent the last week without a computer. I have worked but I also listened to people. 
As a writer I pay attention to how people talk, it will help you will later write. I did not hear one person speak in perfect English, German, Spanish or pig latin. Even those with perfect language skills speak as the rest of the world does. Not one person when asked how are you? Said Well, Good was what they said. Well, is the response the grammar cops want you to say.
Thank you for the love while I was computer less! I learned a few things and heard many more. My advice take a few days off and listen to the world. You will be surprised. Also read so you have your own opinion about any subject. Forming ones own opinions is rather liberating. Even if we don't agree I am your friend.
I am reading a book thats not my usual. It's a Philippa Gregory book 'The White Queen'. A Historical drama it is something. I will let you know what I think when I finish reading it. Yes, I do read to Princess she likes it. I think the Kings and Queens and knights in shiny armor fascinate her.
What are you reading? Tell us please. Oh, you have no time to read. Well, get a book read a chapter at bedtime each night. Turn off the electronics and enjoy.


  1. Hi Kitty good that you are back. Well, I am force to read due to my sore wrists even though right now I can not really get into it. And I do so love reading. Even though I started another Donna Leon ~ Comissario Brunneti I do not know which (too lazy to get up and have a look sorry) also read several books about how to make your blog earn money for you (yes I definitely need to get out of the supermarket :-) ) and some about healing from abuse as well as 1 about how to react when you have someone around with borderline personality disorder. A friend of mine has that and as we never had trouble for years with each other I just feel pushed all the time lately and feel that I need to learn more about the disorder. Well, I better go and get my wrists some relaxing time. Good to have you back

  2. Fun read, Kitty! Keep writing and making us laugh! It's lovely to meet you on Twitter.