Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Well, summer is here at long last for most. It means reading and relaxing for some. Then you have the rest of us who are doing a hundred things at once. I  try to read my friends blogs during lunch, that works some days. Then I have days I am eating as I do everything else. I have to admit I do forget to eat lunch somedays.
Time is a limited commodity for all of us. Just think when you say I have no time to read. Do you read blogs, tweets, email and edit your work? Well, that is reading. Now as for reading for entertainment I think tweets and the newspaper count.  I have a luxury my kids are grown up so I have a bit more time to read at bedtime. Only if I am not thinking about my work. 
It is summer time and you should not be so hard on yourself. Today do the best you can, it will work out in time. Please don't put so much pressure on yourself, I know you are all hard working people.
I want to thank you all too. You are all good fun. I need to get back to writing now, this book is going to be great! Go get a nice book to read, a half hour before bed. So what Indie writers book are you reading now?

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