Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy August to you all! Sit down have a cuppa, as if you were sitting here with me. Here in Arizona school is back in session and the streets are quiet again. Well, it's so hot the kids can't go out and play if they wanted too. 
I have been reading many blogs so many are worrying about things that they can't change. Maybe it comes with age and time, but relax. I finding worrying over things you have no control over is a waste of time.
I also have read a few blogs about summer vacations or as I call them holidays. Well, those days are limited for most. Those who have full-time jobs a two week holiday is usually spent dealing with their kids or house. I know my summers as the kids grew up were spent repairing the house or going to ball games, swim meets and driving everyone about. I had little time to do leisure reading or getting lost in a museum. As a good parent your children come first. As a Teacher I was also preparing for the following year of school. Now I miss the ball games and swim meets and racing around taking them here and there. 
Its funny what you miss. At the time it is one thing then later it's another. My advice relax and enjoy your life now. Now I have time to write my passion and spoil my Vampire Corgi. OH you know! Well, I do spoil her a bit. Yes, you do see many pictures of her daily. I like you have mundane chores to do as well. 
I took a ride yesterday and took a few pictures for a young man who told me America is all shiny and new and McDonald's everywhere. There is good and bad no matter where you live or whats going on in your life. You just make the best of it. Realize that what is going on right now will pass and parts you will miss and parts not so much. 
It seems one of my family feels you would like to hear about me. Why I no longer teach, well its health problems. I am not a moaner, I just get up and keep going. Yes, some days better than others. If you want to really know please DM and I will tell you.
I am getting ready to start reading a new book, problem is which one! I have been writing slow but the two who have read what I have love it. Which is saying a lot because it's not their cup of tea and its yet to be edited. 
So what has your summer been like and what did you read? Yes, I want to know!

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