Thursday, November 29, 2012

Grab a cuppa and relax a bit. 
I am sure you are so busy this time of year. I have had a bad case of procrastination. I get up each day with good intentions of getting all the little things done. The little things didn’t get done over the long weekend because I was recovering from 19 hours of learning how to do iTunes books. I was told you need to put your WWII book on it. So I did and now I am waiting for them to say yes it is up here is the link or you need to try again. I think it will be your link is... I saw the proof on my iPad. WOW I was so pleased with how it looked. 

I have a friend who home schools his kids I gave him a copy of the book when I first published it. He said it is a great learning tool for a few reasons. First his kids can see Paris France as it looked at the end of the second world war. They can see the cars, speed boats, ships and landmarks. Second what it was like to live on a military base at the end of a war. Third they could see aircraft when it was still fairly new. He is not a big war history person but says he felt this was a neat way for people to view life as young person at the end of a very bad war. This was a new view of the pictures for me. I still wish I knew the people. He loved the fact the ghosts planes show up on some of the pictures. I call them ghosts because they look to be ghosts to me.

Well, I have chatted your ears off. Back to work. I need to get some editing done I have to find an editor.

I suggest indie books from Coffin Hop writers. So have you been adding books to your holiday gift list? Which books are you reading now?

Check out a new friends book too. Also Coffin Hop friends have a book for the holidays to check out.

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