Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Time to grab your cuppa and visit.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving in America. I hope you enjoy your families and have a great meal. As for me I think this year I will make reservations. Cooking for two and a Vampire corgi it’s hard, and with all the turkey birds being so huge here. If I get a bird it would last a month. I am not a big turkey eater. 

Now how about these Black Friday sales? Hmm. So my son has put my WWII book on sale through the first of the year. All the profits go to him to pay off student loans. The book is all pictures his Grandfather took at the end of WWII while he was stationed in Orly France. Loads of pictures of Paris and aircraft. Many of the Orly base too. Black and white photos taken with gun film are so different looking too. You can see ghosts of aircraft on some of the pictures. The people in the Photos are just interesting to me. I really want to know who they are. What happened to them? I hope they all had a wonderful life full of love. Some of the photos are creepy looking to me. The photos are my sons inheritance from my Dad. I printed them up for my Dad before he passed. Sadly he had no idea who the people were just the dog in the pictures. Well, that's where we get our love of dogs from Dad.  

What am I grateful for this Thanksgiving? My small family who try to take care of me. If you are lucky enough to have a big family hug them and know they try to do be good to you. I am also grateful for my beautiful Princess. She is a funny girl who keeps me smiling even when I am down. The past year has been hard two major surgeries and asthma out of control. I just keep getting up and going I refuse to let health issues get me down for long. I am also very grateful for you who read my work. Time for me to get to work. You need new Ghosts stories from me. I am working away on a Novella of stories for you. 

So I know a group of really well written Indie writers and their books. I would suggest you fill up all your families kindles, iPads, and 
computers with books. If some like paperbacks go get them from a Indie writer. I hope you can pick up my only WWII Photo book, it’s on sale. It would make a lovely gift for a WWII vet or any person who just loves Black and White photography from history. If you want a list of Indie Writers let me know.

Books make great gifts. Are you shopping for books this holiday? 

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