Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Spring

Happy Easter and Passover.

Let's have a lovely cup of tea.

Spring is here and so it is time of new flowers. I see all the pastel colours in the shops. Which means a new Dr. Who time and then to my great surprise Mr. Selfridge on PBS here in America.

I am downsizing and have cleaned out the loft/attic. Princess and I are well. I have been working of finishing up edits and art for Three That Haunt. My friend and artist, the wonderful Natalie Silva, will be doing this cover and interior art again. I hope you will love it as well.

The first story in Three That Haunt is Park on the Lake. It's a tale of an amusement park that had been left untouched for 70 years. The second, PODS, is a very short story about a young man who passed away in his first home. The third story is Gus, you will hear what walls do say about a castle which is very old. As you know most castles have long and bloody histories. We hope to have it ready very soon to publish.

Princess and I wish you all a happy spring, Easter, Passover and Dr. Who time.

PS- Have you read any of the Dime Store Novels? If so please tell what you think.

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