Saturday, April 6, 2013

Edits and Downsizing

If you have a minute, grab a cuppa and lets chat.

Well, what a busy week I have had after I dislocated and tore my memniscus again. So I am to rest my knee. The ice and heat on the knee, not fun. After its healed I was told get a bike and ride. I think this is so I will do my self in!

Downsizing you find many bits and bobs you're not sure what to do with. Some of these things are my son’s and he will deal with the the one thing I have no idea what to do with. I inherited a mammy doll, she is on a basket and has a sweet flower dress with lace. She is lovely and from what I have had time to read she is a very loved person of Americana. I do not collect things anymore. I have my dragons and a few corgi things. All small that live in a cabinet. If any of you kind people know someone who collects these lovely dolls, tell them to please contact me. She is very tall and has been taken care with love. I hope I can find her a good loving home.

Other things I have managed to keep will be dealt with by passing them on to my son. Easier than me dealing with them, LOL.

Back to edits for me. If I am slow getting back, sorry, I am working hard. Three That Haunt is in the final edits before the beta readers get. I am told so far you are going to love it.

Chat you all up soon. I hope you're reading one of the great Coffin Hoppers books. If so, what are you reading?

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