Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April and all kinds of Showers

Grab a cuppa. What a busy time for everyone, editors are busy working away on Three That Haunt. I am keeping up and can’t say enough how wonderful they are and the hard work we are doing. Along with edits we have lives like work, kids, pets and for me downsizing.

To all my wonderful friends in Boston, my heart goes out to you. I spent every summer as a child on Cape Cod. My grandparents had retired there and were avid Boston Red Sox fans. We ate, drank and dreamed of baseball. Still my favorite sport. I was a lucky kid to spend my childhood on both sides of the pond. Every time summer arrives I think, I wish I was at my grandparents. Going to the cranberry bogs, beach, Fenway Park and stuffing myself silly with fresh seafood. The fall was always so beautiful with the falling leafs and the people are just so charming and kind. If you have never been put it on your list of must dos.

How is Three That Haunt going? Well, edits are half done and almost ready for the last beta reader. After all, you want three good spooky tales to read. The cover is done and I will give a peek soon. Bahahaha

Princess and I want to wish you all well. Thank you also for your support and patience on the book. You will have a good book for summer reading. I will try to find a few other books from my Coffin Hopper friends to read too.

So what are you reading now?

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