Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July not a Dark and Stormy Night

Grab a cuppa,

It was a dark and stormy...wait it’s monsoon season. 

I was getting my hair done last week, the hairdresser, a new guy, said, “ I am going to write a book. Can you tell me how?” 

I said “Yes, write and read a great deal.”

I was told he hates to read. Hmmm well, what can I say? 

I said, “ It’s important to read to be a good writer.”

He didn’t answer, just asked “What book can I read to tell me how to write a book?”

I just wished him well. Maybe time I should ask him what book can I read on how to do my own hair? 

Princess and I are well. We have been packing and waiting to hear when we close on this house. Then we can move.

Sad news, an elderly family had her last rites last week. She is 91 and has been so ill. She said her mother says it’s time to go home. She is saying goodbye to everyone. I hope she is not suffering. 

Well, you can now buy my books on Kobo and iTunes the links are to the right. So please tell me what do you think of Three That Haunt?

Thanks so much for your love and support. Cheers!

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