Thursday, July 25, 2013

End of July Lazies

Grab an iced tea, it’s a very hot July indeed. We have really bad humidity and high temps, which has caused my asthma to go out of control.

I have most of my house packed up now. I wish the bank would tell me when we close so I can rent a place in Phoenix. This hurry up and wait is annoying. 

It seems Three That Haunt is really haunting a few people. It’s gotten all 5 star reviews. I have heard from a few who have read it, “I am never going to an amusement park again!” OK but you will miss the ghosts. Bahahaha

I have just started my next novel. It’s going its own way which will make at least one person happy. OK, Hunter, you will be a happy person about it.

Thank you to all who have bought the book. I am glad you are enjoying it. It has been such a muggy summer for everyone so reading is best activity. Stay cool and safe please until this heat breaks.

So did you read Three That Haunt?

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