Monday, August 19, 2013

New Projects and Labor Day

Take a minute and have a cuppa.

This has been a busy summer for me. Now last week and this week I have so many appointments. I hope to get some time to write. 

I have just finished my part of a children's book. Now it is in the hands of my fav illustrator Natalie Silva. We have been working on this for over a year on the idea. It is staring her Poodle Muffy and my beautiful Princess. It was fun for a change for me. 

I have a good idea on what the novel I am working on. It has changed from my first idea. It is creepy nonetheless.

My family was home this weekend to celebrate Princess’s Birthday. She is now 6 years and acts like she is 2. She got a sock monkey dressed like a ladybug and pizza bones aka as crust. She was happy that is all that matters.

I am still waiting on the bank to say we can close on this house. Which is hard I fear buying too much food then I have to toss it. I hate wasting food.

We are planning a big surprise for Labor Day weekend so stay tuned.

What have you been reading?

Feel free to say hello to me, I will chat back.

Cheers, for now.

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