Friday, August 9, 2013

What Did You Do This Summer?

Grab a cuppa and sit for a bit.

I hope you have had a fun summer. Myself, I have packed up most of my house. I am waiting on the bank to sign off on this short sale. So why sale now? Well, work wants us in Phoenix and I want to down-size anyway. We accepted the offer the last week of May and now here we are still waiting. I have seen a few places in the Phoenix area I like. Princess has to be welcome or no.

I have not got enough writing done this summer. So I am cracking the whip on myself.

I have also been thinking about Coffin Hop. So many ideas, all different themes. I need to settle on one. I will also do a give away. Princess will pick the winner again this year. How does she do that without thumbs? Easy! I wrap the names of the entry on paper then tape them to her milkbones. I then put them in a bag and she pulls one out. Yes, it will be a soggy paper by the time I get it. She loves it. Last year I meet a fab lady, Eileen. She will tell you, I will hunt you down to give you the prize too.

If you wonder what I am doing daily, check out my Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. I do stop in daily. I am a bit shy until I know you. So I will be in my little hole not bothering people. I have been told, tough, get out sell your books. So deep breath, which is hard I because I have asthma! So please follow me on all of these and say hello. I do chat back. I do a few auto tweets of things I fancy please comment, I will answer you.

So how has your summer reading gone? What did you read? I am still working on reading Under The Dome by Stephen King. The tele show is not much like the book. The book is better.

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