Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall At Last

Grab a cuppa and relax for a minute.

Happy fall to you all. It’s here at last, well, on the calendar. It was 100 here today. Arizona has 2 seasons; Hot and Cold.

This week was very busy for us. We had many people looking at the house. We had a birthday in the family and my fab son come home for the weekend to visit. As we sat down to dinner Sunday night the phone rang and we got an offer on the house. Keep your fingers crossed this goes through and no one backs out. I am sure not going!

I have gotten so little done I feel this week on my Coffin Hop story. It’s hard to write, keep a house spotless and Princess calm. She thinks everyone comes to see her. 

Thursday, a family member sent us four pizzas. They came packed in dry ice, each in a pizza box. Well, the pizza boxes had loads of cornmeal and it went all over. Pizza just doesn’t ship well. It was a mess and just didn’t cook well. I put the last two on the grill to cook it helped some. So my advice, please do not send your loved ones pizza across the country. 

I will have all my dear friends at Coffin Hop’s blogs listed by mid-October. Say hello, they are scary fun too.

So what are you reading this week?

Cheers for now.


  1. Hi Kitty long time no see. I try to finish the last of "Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" this week + I get the book for my book group which is something Icelandic about a vulcano. And I have started my own Goodreads group to support translated fiction ( I need to get October's read which is Bundu by Chris Barnard.
    Why are you selling your house? Are you moving somewhere else?
    I am busy writing as well as I have started a new blog ( Quite excited about it but wish I did not have to go to the day job :-) take care Bee

    1. Hi Bee!
      Well, we were told that work needed us in Phx. Sold house and now waiting on closing date. Then boss said no not now. So He is not my fave person. Going to see your blogs! Love them!