Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mid September

Grab a cuppa and relax a minute.

I hope your fall is cooler, mine no. It will be in the 100s again this week.

Princess and I have a good start on a story for Coffin Hop. Each day a new part will be here for you during Coffin Hop. So many very great writers will also be on Coffin Hop. I will have a list of all the fun Hoppers for you at the time. Coffin Hop will be the week of Halloween. Many will be having giveaways of books and fun things. 

We are waiting to sell this house. It would be good for a holiday home or as investment property. I wish I had the time to use it as such but I don’t. At least it’s super clean and turn key. I hear that's what people are looking for.

If you have time most evenings I post a sunset from my back garden. One thing about Arizona you get so many beautiful sunsets. You can go to my Instagram on the side. Yes, I do post a few pictures of Princess being way cute.

Princess and I as you can see are a little busy. I have to find a new book to read at bedtime. To me that is so relaxing. We hope you have a wonderful week. So what are you reading? 

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