Saturday, March 15, 2014

Regan's Ghosts

Hanover picked up his pipe and relit it, studying Regan’s face as he inhaled to bring the fire back to life. “Today’s not the first time, is it?”

“First time? I lost count around my second week in Amsterdam.”

“Not chasing the dragon, seeing things.”

Regan studied her drink for a long moment and then shook her head slowly.

“What have you seen?”

“Ghosts,” she said softly. “I talked to them all the time when I was younger, but then Daddy thought I was crazy and sent me to a psychiatrist. So now I only talk to them if we’re alone.”

“When did you start seeing ghosts?”

“The first time was the day I saw my mother get shot. Her spirit rose up out of her body and kissed me on the cheek. She wiped my tears and told me she wouldn’t leave me. And she hasn’t. She still kisses my forehead every night and sings me a lullaby when I’m sad. That’s another thing I saw in the mirror.”

“What?” Hanover asked.

“My mother get shot. When I ran away from the table the first time. That’s why I ran, except I thought it was a real person getting shot here tonight. I thought I could save her.”

“But when you got there, no one had been shot.” Hanover reached across the table and put his hand over hers.

Regan turned her hand over and clasped his hand. “How did you know?”

“Maybe our worlds aren’t that different after all, Regan Worth.” Hanover reached out to wipe a tear that glistened on her cheek.

High Rollers is the latest book in our Dime Store Novel series. However, it is the first book that stars Regan Worth, so you haven’t read the other books, you can start here and go back if you want.

Regan Worth is a fun character to write. She’s the daughter of a jazz pianist and bootlegger. High Rollers takes place at the height of the Jazz age when prohibition had its claws on fun, but people like Regan found ways to party. Regan likes to party. She drinks, smokes, and chases the dragon (smokes opium).  In some ways, the partying gives her an excuse for seeing things others can’t see. If she starts talking to someone others can’t see, she can always blame the drugs.

In this scene she shares her secret with Hanover Fist.  Will a romance develop between Regan and Hanover?  I’ll never tell.

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day (Regan is half-Irish), we are offering High Rollers Kindle edition at a discount this week. 3/17 through 3/19 it is available for 99 cents. From 3/20 through 3/23, the price goes up to $1.99. On 3/24, the sale is over and you’ll have to pay $2.99. High Rollers is a KDP Select book and is only available for Kindle or in paperback.

I blog at You can also find me on Twitter as @RachelleReese and if you’d rather speak to my dog, follow @RagabashGirl. The Dime Store Novel characters blog at Regan typically blogs on Fridays about spirits (typically the drinking kind), music, or anything else she happens to think is fun that week.

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