Friday, February 18, 2011

Been Writing going to Book sale You?

I am very surprised how my book is doing. So many very kind comment about the story. I am very grateful to all who so kindly tweet about. So what am I doing besides asking people to buy my book? Many things.
I went up to Phoenix last week to the annual VSNA book sale. Its a charity sale of books of every kind you can imagine. The doors open at 8 am and always a line. This year it only took an hour in line. I have many books going up for next years sale. The household WWII nut has trimmed his books down. I fear this is to add more books. I did find an first edition book by Ernie Pile. I do believe we now how all his books and first editions too boot. Also tons of maps and many free ones as well. If your in Phoenix in Feb you really need to check out this sale its only one weekend but so worth it. You will see people with shopping carts full of books, to take home. Great fun for a good cause.
This week I have had a few ideas for short stories. So I have been writing. Well I have some say I can have 5 short stories done and edited by May 1st. I will try. As for having my book done in book form. We are waiting on all the sales reports for a month. Son my boss says he feels I need to sell at least 50 print books to make it cost effective. I also hope to add a few never before seen pictures of Tombstone,Arizona. I have been asked if it was a real town still. Yes it is, thats why they call it 'The Town to Tough to Die'. So if you interested please leave a comment on here for me. If you want a signed book I would be more than happy too.
I have also been very lucky to meet many cool writers on twitter. If you can follow a Debbie Mack such a great lady. Her writing is great and very interesting just check her work out.
Have a great weekend and week. Please feel free to comment on my book here or on Amazon. Thank you for reading my book and blog. Any questions you want to ask me? 


  1. Hi Blondie, we bought your e-book, yippee. Had no time to read it yet but definitely looking forward too. We love scary stories.
    Hugs Mister Snoop and family

  2. I hope you like, I have gotten so many kind words about it & few say I am scary. I try! Review are great I was Happily surprised. Thank you.