Thursday, March 3, 2011

Answers to Questions I was ask.

In the last few says I was ask a few questions. I am not used to that. So here are a few....

How do you get ideas?   I get many of my ideas in day to day life. I am working on story that was inspired by a place I drive by anytime I go into town. I also am very lucky and have travel in my life some places just stick with you. As I have said London is like walking on history very inspiring place. Read Oscar Wilde makes you think even today. I write what I know about.

Does technology inspire you?   Not really. Its a tool. I don't rely on it. I fear many think they will get facts when in fact Wikipedia isn't always right. I do have a set of encyclopedia's also Dictionary and my favorite Thesaurus. I think YouTube is fun but I agree with King on it.

Is it hard to write a book?   Yes and no depends on the story. My book I wrote in a notebook, then on the computer, then had read it by 3 people, off to an editor, back read again. By the time it was out I was sick of it. I don't mind the research. I have read a few things that all I could say was what? There is a lot that goes into writing a book or even a short story. I do like my book again, its not perfect maybe, who is?

Why scary?  I grew up with a ghost. I love ghost. I also have a dark side. I was the kid who loved all the Vincent Price bad movies of Edgar Allen Poe. I also was a reader, if you write you must read. Yes Halloween is my favorite holiday. I have a Halloween village, I have costumes its just good fun. If I scare the kids down the street all the better.

Do you have a question for me? Look forward to hearing from. Just remember things that go bump in the night also go bump in the daylight. Its not always dust floating by you....


  1. You grew up with a ghost? You know, I haven't heard that one before. Most people have dogs. Wait... You don't have a ghost dog, do you?

  2. Well growing up in the UK our house had a lady ghost from the 1700s. I may have a ghost dog in my current home. It would be my Jackie he passed away a little over 3yrs ago. Miss him. Yes a corgi.