Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring herb garden, working on book and ghost.

Well spring is here, so that means summer in two days. I have gotten my garden cleared of the dead stuff. I wont plant as much this year. I need to replace my herb garden. Princess loves it she eats the basil off the plant. Its very dry in southern Arizona so if you here visiting please be careful with any fire objects.
Yes I have been writing. I have one story done and have 4 others started. My next book will be all short stories and if my editor is well out by mid to late May. One story is a bit humorous in a macabre way. Then I have an odd look on life. Most of the stories are ghost ones, I do love ghost. I am not afraid of them. This seems odd to me so many fear ghost. I bet you walk by them daily and never know they are sitting or standing by you...
Let me hear from you, I love to hear a good ghost story. Got Ghost?

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