Thursday, March 10, 2011

Art, Dollar store books, Book fair & life this week.

 What a week. I was thrilled to have so much support by a local place here in Tucson, The Source Salon. All kinds of artist have their work there & you can get a fab style to your hair. So if your here visit the shop, The Source on Speedway cool place.

So I was asked whats your thoughts on the 99 cent books. Well like a dollar store you get what you pay for. Some are good and the writers need the money. Others well not so good. Its up to you. I say check out their blogs and do research into them. Also if they say they have many awards easy to check go to the award web site. If they are not on the short list no they are not up for it. Sadly many are not honest. Me no awards yet! I hope someday!

Well we have a huge Book Fair here in Tucson, Arizona this weekend. Many great writers will be here to chat with and sign your book. I will be there too. So come up and say Hi, I will give you a bookmark. No joke. I will be there on Saturday and I look just like the picture on my blog. The times I am there will be on twitter, check my tweets. You can't me miss tall blond who talks funny.

OK I have game for you. I have 3 special bookmarks signed by me of my book 'Dust of Tombstone' I will sign them to you personally all you have to is answer 3 questions, follow me on twitter and @Kittycorgi, and tell me who was the main character in my book is, the name of my corgi and what happened to the main character in the end. I will announce the winners on Sunday March 13, about noon my time. I will post off to you the bookmark signed to you, easy as that.

So let me hear from you. Any questions?

You could win this bookmark only three like this.

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