Thursday, April 7, 2011

How long do you push your book?

Another week and yet so little feels done. Never enough time to do all one wants. I need 36 hour days, who do I talk to about that?
 I was asked how long I was going to talk about my book. I said about another month. No I didn't go on about it for three months before it came out just two weeks. I also didn't give it away to anyone who asked. Nope no contest to win it before its out. I also am not selling a years work for .99¢. I can't put out four books a year of quality. If you want quantity fine but how is it as a book. How is the research? I feel you get what you pay for. I read many reviews before pricing my book. The things that kept coming up was if its cheap its because it is crap. I saw many say it was a waste of money, worst book I ever read and one said I want my money and time back. All I could say was Yikes! I don't keep tweeting my book, if your getting 100 new followers a day cool do so but other wise your beating a dead book. If you do read a great book, tell the world about it.
So why am I putting another book out four months after the first? Well its a book of short stories I have written over the last two years. Most are ghost related. My novel was written three years ago. My next novel will not be ready for at least a year. I do write everyday.
Now I am almost done reading "A Proper Charlie" by Louise Wise. Its very British and I love it! Its for adults not a kids book so refreshing. Here are a few more writers you might need to check out: Elizabeth Parker, Tom Wagner, Adriana Kraft, Lesley Galsten, Andrew Mocete, J.B. Thomas, Rich Evans, Derek Haines and my friend Draven Ames. If I forgot anyone tell me.
Thank you for your support have a great week. Please tell what are you reading?


  1. Never worry about the ones that never like stuff. There is always one or a few. Be glad for the ones that love your work. I say remind people about your book every so often, for a while. They may have saved the info to get back to it later and then forgot. I have a list of books I want to get, then it gets lost. I've then went to buy it if I have the $$ when I see that person or they remind me.

  2. People buy books because they see something they like. The cover. The blurb. Usually they go for a genre or favorite author. However I think that with the ebook prices being more affordable new authors and genres can be tried on. Boot much to loose. No easy answer to how long to push. Forever I guess in this new world. Check out my new ss if interested in ya fiction at Great post and blog. Following you and wishing you great success.

  3. Thank you for the thoughts. Always welcome to have others ideas too.

  4. Hi! I came across your site through twitter...I say keep pushing until you are happy! and as for what I am reading.. The Shack :) must say I'm enjoying it so far