Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reading great books. My review of a great British book.

How is your week going? Mine not so bad. I had a fun mini road trip up to Phoenix. Its great to see friends and have a good lunch. The best part is a nice drive, makes your imagination go wild.
I finished reading A Proper Charlie by Louise Wise. OK don't walk, run to to buy this. I love horror and other works of good literature and this is great. It is very British but not the stiff upper lip, I am so posh kind. This is how real Brits speak and act.  As for the characters, you soon care about what happens to them and what they are going to do next. Its a bit of a mystery, romance, characters doing research and adventure in London you wouldn't see on a tourist trip. The story is about a newspaper in London, which has over 30 local papers. The characters are worried like so many about losing their jobs due to a takeover. Very current in today's world. This story is very believable. You will fall in love with the main character and worry over her as you turn each page until the end. I wish I could give it 10 stars on Amazon. This is for adults and well written, Louise has a great imagination. Yes, I guess I really loved it.
If you have a book you are reading and love, tell me about it. Oh I haven't forgot, I have been asked many times privately when is Draven Ames doing another short story or better yet a book. He told me today his book is out soon. I can't wait to read it either.
I have a bit of writing yet to do today. See you next week.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me. That book by Wise sounds promising, too. So how has your weeks been going? Hope everything has been going good with your sales.

    I haven't forgotten you at all. It is very kind, seeing my name in here like this. I wish you all the success and will stop back by later.

    Great review. Any story that can grab you with its characters has to be good.