Monday, April 25, 2011

Bithdays, computers, writers block not, poems and critical people.

This is my Birthday week. I really don't feel any older, just smarter on some things. I think my family should shower me with presents and a trip! OK fantasy over, I guess I will be getting a new laptop. Mine has sadly died a quiet death. Do computers that die come back to haunt new ones or their owners? Now that is a story Stephen King wrote.
I have been reading wonderful blogs in the last week. One about writers block. I do not believe in it. I think you have times you need to kick start your imagination. Watching telly, YouTube and video games just wont cut it. You need fresh air, go for a walk, take a drive or exercise. Myself I do Pilates and walk my Princess. Also I have found that good writers are also good readers. Nothing like a good book to read. Books I have read that are boring seem as if the writer has never read many books. The writer seems to read just one genre and writer also they don't seem to comprehend what they read. I am no expert but that's how I see it.
Also try some poetry. I have been lucky to know a few poets. I am currently reading some poems by Jacqueline Dick. Check out her poems they are so good, to me. Good poems are really hard to write. .
It seems the self proclaimed experts on writing are attacking blogs. So if they are experts what degrees do they hold? Where can I read their papers on the subject of writing? If you read every book you can get your hands on, on any subject, doesn't make you an expert. Blogs to me are written how you speak. Not perfect English and some times grammar goes out as well. Also the person who is writing it, where are they from? Do they have an accent? Is English a second language to them? Are you perfect? If not, why attack others? I think many do because they have a superiority complex. They even fear you're the competition and can't deal with it. I also noticed they are cowards and don't use their own names. It has happened to me. Sadly the person who did attack me, did it on Amazon. I know who it is, he wrote the same thing in an e-mail to me. Usually they are vague, use generalities and can't give you an exact example. If you can't say anything nice just don't say anything. I refuse to lower myself to their level, being petty and immature does you no good.
Well I need to get to work finding a computer that will last, work hard and be easy to use for me. I am also reading Full Dark No Stars. I love short stories. What short stories have you read that are good?

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  1. Kitty, I am stunned. Thank u so much for your kind words and support. This is great! So your birthday is this week...and so is mine! No wonder there is that affinity! As for that nasty individual who slammed u, it's some kind of jealousy.. Always turns out that way, in my experience..not only jealousy of talent, but a lost person who has not found his or her niche. Keep on Kitty, and know that I am deeply appreciative of your readings and comments re. my poetry. Excelsior!...and Happy Birthday!