Monday, July 18, 2011

Haunted Bedtime Stories and my Vampire Corgi.

I was so thrilled when Natalie Silva finished the cover of my next book. I love it. This book has a bit of everything. With short stories you can do that. Some of my ghosts are scary, some are very touching and some were never human to begin with. Haunted Bedtime Stories has something for everyone. This isn't a children's book. The editing is finishing up now.
I also want to thank you for your support and love, it helps so much. Princess is a big help even when she is acting like a Vampire! 
It has been three weeks today and my foot is still healing. I am not a patient person. I feel I should be up and running. I have pins in the toes still and sadly still need some pain medicine, which I hate. Next week the pins come out. Not quick enough for me! I have gotten a lot of work done even if Laura is laughing at my spelling. You try and write on pills. 
Well, summer is reading time besides my book what are you reading?
                                       Cover art by: Natalie Silva Designs


  1. What a fabulous cover! Cannot wait for release day!

  2. The book cover is wonderful! We can't wait to read the ghost stories...they will surely be scary good!! :)