Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tales behind the Tales. Haunted Bedtime Stories.

Have you ever wondered about the story behind a story? Why was it written? What was it that made the writer write it? I was asked what is behind my collection of short stories. I was asked also how do you describe a collection of stories anyway? I gave it some thought. I know the stories in my book each came to me in a different way. It's funny, some came from travels and others just weird news mixed up in dreams.

So here are the tales behind each story in Haunted Bedtime Stories.

Eternity Realty - We were in New Mexico and a local real estate advert came on TV. The lady was so cute. The older lady's hair was big and her accent was West Texan. I would bet she was a former Miss Texas in her younger years. That is how I came to the funny yet creepy realty company in this story. After all we all need that forever home right?

Ghost's Walk - This came to me in full on my last trip to London. I knew I had a bit of a story after chatting up a friend. It was started by the House of Lords scandal and moat cleaning being paid by tax payers. It was just one of the misuses of tax money. Moats just stuck in my mind. As I walked Queens Walk on the Thames the story fell in to place. Remember its not just a breeze.

Boneyard - Well if you ever visit Southern Arizona in the monsoon, drive by the many aircraft grave yards. Just know those jets may not be dead after all. Dust and storms could send you packing.

Swamp Full of Lies - This came to me on a trip four years ago. We drive from Arizona to Atlanta. I had to help sort out my Dad's home. Well, Louisiana and Alabama the swampy land and creepy trees this story wrote it self.

Annie's Letters - I took a quick day trip up to Phoenix and heard on the radio about tent city. Also how the state was cutting funds to the mentally ill. Well, what would happen if a mentally ill person hooked up with some not so nice criminals? You get letters, because you know that she never would want anything bad to happen.

Aunt Francy's Ghosts - Was inspired my friend Francy. It is a favorite of many. Those who know her  know if she had taken a left turn in things would be different. Just saying, ghosts are not always a bad thing. This is a bit of chick lit I have been told.

Then you have an easter egg. If you want the full stories get the book and read it. You will see I am a bit creepy. If you have read the book let me hear what you think. After all even us grown ups need a good bedtime story. So what do you think?

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