Saturday, September 3, 2011

Haunted Bedtime Stories Is now out to buy! Labor Day Sale!

Happy Labor Day to everyone. I want to thank you all for working hard everyday of your life, here is a sale of my new book. All my e-books will be .99¢ next week the price will go up on the 6th of Sept. You can buy a book this weekend while you are resting and relaxing then read. This is a collections of short stories not for kids!

I want to thank my Editor  J. Snowy for all her hard work. Thanks for putting up with me this summer. I need to thank Cherianne for all her love and proofreading and forward she wrote. Natalie Silva thank you for the great book cover it is over the top great. Thank you E my son for all your hard work and help. Francy thank you for keep kicking my bum to work and great input.

Here are the links so far all 5 star ratings!




Have a great weekend. Thank you.

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