Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthdays, writing and telling you what I think again! Beatles poster.

I have a busy week here. First two birthday at my house Son & V are now 25 years old. Which I find hard to understand after all I can't be that old yet. Its also my favorite Beatles George Harrison's birthday today. I still have the posters from the Beatles Apple store in London, I got them on opening day.  Tomorrow is another anniversary 30 years, yes I have heard the joke you get less for murder.
Well I have talked to some really nice people. I am looking forward to working with them on this short stories book. I did get good advice do not rush it. I have also gotten a review saying my book wasn't good. This person said he didn't know how to put it. That is alright.
If you read a book and do not like it to me the best to tell the person. You don't have to scream and shout and be hateful. I know we see that so much now a days. Flipping telly channels you have people yelling about sport, religion or news. I don't believe the louder you yell or tell a lie makes it the truth. So please be kind and say I didn't care for your book because it.... specifically the charters, location, story line. I also have read a books the you could tell were formula written. You can do a step by step almost like paint by numbers. YIKES! If its some part your very knowledgeable about be exact. Generality's and being vague can make one believe you didn't read the book. I worked hard on my book I checked all locations, visited them as well. I believe research is very important in any piece of work you put out. I tell a person how I feel with kind words. I always say how would I want to be told this. My writing comes from my gut not a step by step out line you buy. If you have read my two short stories on this blog let me know what you think of them. I know also not everyone is going to love every thing I write. Thats all right if we all loved the same things just imagine how boring this world would be. I also have read some really cool things which were pleasant surprises, Draven your story!
I have a short story to finish. I also was kindly given a book to read by another writer before its out. I have a good feeling about it. So next weekend I will start reading it. When I am told go for it tell everyone I will tell you all about it.
As always I want to say thank you for your support and many kind words to me. I am always so grateful to others who can be bothered to take their time for me. Life is so very short I try to live each to its fullest. Have a great week. Let me know what your thinking. Any questions? Say HI to me and Smile be happy or as Monty Python says   .

Friday, February 18, 2011

Been Writing going to Book sale You?

I am very surprised how my book is doing. So many very kind comment about the story. I am very grateful to all who so kindly tweet about. So what am I doing besides asking people to buy my book? Many things.
I went up to Phoenix last week to the annual VSNA book sale. Its a charity sale of books of every kind you can imagine. The doors open at 8 am and always a line. This year it only took an hour in line. I have many books going up for next years sale. The household WWII nut has trimmed his books down. I fear this is to add more books. I did find an first edition book by Ernie Pile. I do believe we now how all his books and first editions too boot. Also tons of maps and many free ones as well. If your in Phoenix in Feb you really need to check out this sale its only one weekend but so worth it. You will see people with shopping carts full of books, to take home. Great fun for a good cause.
This week I have had a few ideas for short stories. So I have been writing. Well I have some say I can have 5 short stories done and edited by May 1st. I will try. As for having my book done in book form. We are waiting on all the sales reports for a month. Son my boss says he feels I need to sell at least 50 print books to make it cost effective. I also hope to add a few never before seen pictures of Tombstone,Arizona. I have been asked if it was a real town still. Yes it is, thats why they call it 'The Town to Tough to Die'. So if you interested please leave a comment on here for me. If you want a signed book I would be more than happy too.
I have also been very lucky to meet many cool writers on twitter. If you can follow a Debbie Mack such a great lady. Her writing is great and very interesting just check her work out.
Have a great weekend and week. Please feel free to comment on my book here or on Amazon. Thank you for reading my book and blog. Any questions you want to ask me? 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank you.

Thank you all so much for your support. The book is doing surprising well. I have been ask if it will be out in a hard copy. The answer is my boss and I are looking in to that now. My son is the boss and he says we will see in a week how well 'Dust of Tombstone' does.
So I have tried to promote the book as best I can. Its not easy to say hi here look my book. I have had many have said hi back, good job, and I have to read it. Which is so nice to hear. My son has made a Facebook fan page for me. Please follow if you can. Thank you again.
I have been working a few short stories. My boss aka son says you need to get this done and out by May. OK don't count on it. I will try very hard but I am human.
So have you read my book? What do you think?

Birdcage Theater 
                                                                           one of the main characters.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Book is on Amazon, 'Dust of Tombstone'

When the past collides with the present you get....
'Dust of Tombstone'
So you’re driving on I-10 east or west, through the canyons and hills of Southern Arizona in Cochise County, you feel a gust of wind. Many signs say “Beware of wind gusts”. It is not always the wind in late afternoon or dusk. Mostly it’s the ghosts rushing back to the never-ending poker games, bottomless whiskey bottles and a party that last forever in Tombstone. Go see for yourself after the tourists have gone home for the day. Walk down Allen Street. I may say hello or you may think it is the wind. 

Thank you all very much for your support. Well at long last my book is out. If you like Ghost who go wild you will like my book. Its on Amazon here or here if you're in the UK. 

           Here is the cover.

The back inside:

I hope you buy it and let me know what you think. I am currently working on a new book of short stories by request of many. So far the the first story has creepy stuff......
OK, go read my book then come back here, what did you think?   Tell me and Amazon too.