Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Censorship and Banning Art

This is the twenty-first century and its time we all respect each other. So you may not always agree with someones opinion. So do we ban all books we find disagreeable with our thoughts or morals? What about a piece of art you may not like? How about the facts in history we find uncomfortable? So do censor them all? After all you may be offend by something. I don't always agree with everyone but they have a right to an opinion, I mine and you yours. We should support each others right to write, paint, lifestyles and photographs. 
Let us all accept each other as we are. No, you don't have to read or look at things that you don't agree with. But defend the rights of others to. I write about ghosts and things that go bump in the night and things that may not be. Many don't believe in these things thats Ok. 
Please do not censor my books or anyones book of fiction. I am a lucky person and know many wonderful writers and I would never want any of their books banned because someone finds it offensive. So ask your self do you want someone to tell you what to read, look at or how you should live? If it's no then don't let them censor the internet. A friend said to me "Draconian measures are not the answers." Nicely said.
I am resting and recovering from emergency surgery last week on my neck. So when you don't see me please know I am trying to get better quick. To all who knew and have been sending me love and games thank you, love you all. I will tweet more tomorrow.
So what books have you loaded up on your e-readers? Do tell me.

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