Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sending out Love

Its February and a month of love at my house, son's Birthday, Anniversary and lets not forget Valentine's Day. I think its good to tell the people you love you do love them. I do daily. The people who you know and are grateful are in your life tell them as well. 
If asked what I would want as gifts for any occasion I say books. I have over 2000 books in my house. Nope, don't want to sell or give them away. I have many books by Indie writers as well. Now if you want to read some very well written works try an Indie writer. Yes, a few may be some not your cup of tea but you can find about anything. I also suggest you leave a nice review on Amazon, createspace or smashwords if you like the story. If not let it pass. Being hateful serves no purpose.
I am working on picture book now from photos my Dad took at the end of WWII. I have posted a few on my tumblr account. Many of the photo's have been damaged by the way he storied them. I can't tell you how many times I ask him to not use paperclips in negatives! I lost a few too because he used rubber-bands that melted on the negatives. He was not a great photographer even if he thought he was. He used gun film which many of the pictures have double exposures on them. Ghosts of aircraft on people. I will include those too.
All of you, I am sending you lots of love and saying thank you so much for your kindness and support. You are all the best. So go get books for gifts they last longer than Chocolate but reading and Chocolate do go together! 
My health I get a biopsy on the lump in my neck the 22nd. I still feel like I am choking all the time. Yes, I am scared and hate being on hold. The lump wasn't removed it seems. One Doctor will get an earful. I will be OK in time. Thanks for the caring it means the world to me. I am sending you all big HUGS!
So what do you give on Valentine's Day?

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