Friday, October 25, 2013

Coffin Hop Day 3

Grab a cuppa and Welcome back to day 3 of Coffin Hop. Thank you for all the lovely comments. Back to your tale...

“My parents left the shop to all of us. I am the one who worked it all my life. Yet, they dictate to me on what should be done.” 

I wasn’t bitter just sad.

“You and I have worked hard. Hmm I think we should keep this information to ourselves for now,” Alice said.

I felt a soft hug around me, but no one was there. I was afraid to tell Alice.

“You know Joy, we could talk to Dad about this. He keeps having chats with the air. That sounded odd I know. He has being talking to your mother. I hear him, last night sitting on the garden bench saying ‘Margret I miss you.' I don’t know.” 

Alice then jumped as if someone had startled her.

“Are you all right?” I asked.

“Maybe, OK, this is strange I felt someone pat me nicely on my back” Alice said.

“Oh dear, I keep feeling someone hug me,” I said.

“It could be your mother. I mean I loved her dearly she was so kind to me. She always gave me birthday cards and gifts at Christmas,” Alice said.

We sat there looking dumbfounded. We ate our lunch and drinks in quiet. 

“I should get back to the shop. I still have some things to pack. What do you want do with this information?” I asked.

“So your brothers and sister will be here this weekend, mine can be. Well, I think I can get them here. What if you and I have a dinner for them all on Sunday. Then tell them. I think they will like this.” Alice said.

“Maybe. I mean I have two doctors and a lawyer who see the world as what they can hold. No grey areas. Like when my husband died. I don’t know if we should say we felt Mother's hugs and pats. They might want to lock me up.” 

“I understand. My four brothers are like that. Now my husband he will love this. You know how he goes on ghost hunts. My kids will accept this. After all you have always treated them like an Auntie.” 

“You and I were close as kids. I always wished you were my sister. Mine well, she was bossy and being so much older...” 

“We have until Sunday to decide what to do. So you come for dinner and we can see what my husband says. The kids will love to see you,” she said.

“That would be great. I feel very lonely lately. OK, dinner here. I will see you then and thank you,” I said.

When I returned to the shop it was dusty again. Smudges on all the pulls and the ledger box tip over all the books on the floor. So I picked up the books and dusted again. I finished placing all the things I was keep by the back door taped up in two boxes. All the things to be sold were clean and ready to go. 

Before I put sheets over counters and drawers I took one last picture. The last picture I had taken of the shop was a week before Mother died. She had it ready for Halloween. Halloween was today and I have nothing ready like Mother did. I had forgotten until now how she read poems of Halloween and tell tales to the children who visited the shop. She always passed out candy in tiny bags with a Chinese fortune cookie which were orange and had the taste of pumpkin. I have no idea where she got them. I got the last order book out she used maybe I could get them. 

I went through the order book nothing. I went through all the order books nothing. I packed them back up. I was feeling panicked to find out how to order them. I took a deep breath and thought maybe Mr. Wong would know. I could ask him at dinner. I sat down and finished my cup of tea. As I looked out on the street I felt a pat on my back and a soft breeze across my face.

Locking up the shop and pulling the metal door closed I felt a pat on my back. I walked to the restaurant with the smells of fall around me. The shops by the restaurant had no Halloween up. Such a weird thing, I am fussing about cookies with everything going on. Between the shop and new found family. Here I have been worried about Halloween cookies what has come over me.

Alice said go to the back of the restaurant to the family dinning room. The place was packed as always and so many bags ready to be delivered and picked up. I went to back and Alice’s daughter ran up and hugged me. 

“So you are really my cousin!” she said.

“Seems so. What do you think?” I asked her, she was fifteen not a small child.

“I love it! You have always been so nice and your mother was wonderful. I know Grandpa is talking to her too. Well, I have over heard Dad and Mom talking about this,” she said.

Eavesdropping is wrong you know,” I said.

“I know. Sorry. I am to keep an eye on Grandpa and he is always talking to your Mother in the garden. Last night he said ‘I know, I am sorry it’s closing too. Just, no customers so, she has to close’ That’s what he said” She said.

“Did you tell your Mom?” I asked.

“Yes, after you two had lunch,” she said.

After dinner, Alice and I sat Mr. Wong down to talk to him. Alice’s husband took over the restaurant for the evening. We found him in the back garden on the bench talking.

“You know Margret I had dinner with our girls. They grew up so well and took the family business to heart. I think Joy is being run over by the older kids. You’re right she needs to tell them off.” Mr. Wong was having a conversation with the air. 

“Dad, who are you talking to?” Alice asked him.

“Oh, just thinking out loud. I think I will turn in early so I can get up early and take the deliveries for the restaurant,” he said.

“How about a few minutes talking to us,” I said.

“Joy you’re still here.” He was surprised.

“Yes, I am still here. So can we talk?” I asked.

“For you, anytime,” he said.

“I found Mom's journal and read it. So when was she planning to tell us about her life before she got here?” I asked.

“Oh dear, you read about our trip here,” he said. 

Mr. Wong sat there like a small child swinging his feet.

“Yes, So do you think you could fill us in on everything?” I asked.

“Maybe tomorrow. I need to get my sleep tomorrow is going to be busy,” he said.

“Well, I have so many questions. If you are my uncle I would love it and so would Alice. So please just a question,” I said.

“Dad, you sit down and talk. You have no problem telling me what to do and I am fifty,” Alice said sternly.

“I am old and tired. So tomorrow...” He got up and walked away. As he left he said, “Goodnight Margret I love you, talk tomorrow.”

“Dad, come on we are not mad really,” Alice said.

“Goodnight girls, love you both dearly you know,” Mr. Wong just walked away to his apartment over the garage. 

Alice and I sat there staring at each other in disbelief. We watched him walk in his place and turn on a light.

“I am so sorry Joy, he is never rude,” she said.

“I know, he is the only extremely polite person I still know. He is like my Mom that way,” I said. “Oh sorry you’re polite too!”

“I knew what you mean,” Alice was laughing.

As we sat there giggling a strong wind blew over us. 

“That was odd,” Alice said.

“I keep feeling breezes too,” I said.

“You girls need to understand. Wong and I wanted to tell you but were told not to by my husband your mother Alice,” it was my Mom’s voice.