Sunday, October 27, 2013

Coffin Hop Day 5

Day 5:

Time to grab a cuppa and on with our tale. Welcome back and thank you for stopping by with those lovely comments.

I looked outside and the shop had spice dust coming from the bottom of the door. Alice and I stared at it. My sister started yelling for me to come out, open that door she kept screaming. Alice’s brother was standing behind us watching.

“Joy its good to see you,” He said. “I see your sister is still a flaming witch.”

“Yes, I suppose she is,” I said.

“I am your lawyer now. You will not sign a thing and she is going to be so pissed off.”

“Matt, are you sure you want to get involved with this?” I asked.

“Oh yes, I really want too,” Matt said he was smiling.

My sister was now pounding on the door screaming "let me in". Matt opened the door and we walked out together toward the shop.

“Can I help you?” 

She didn’t even turn around. She just ignored us. My brothers got out of the car and started to walk toward us. 

“Why are you pounding and screaming at the door?” I asked.

“What? How did you get out here?” She asked.

“You saw me lock up and walk away. Now where is the paper work?” 

Matt and I noticed she had spice dust all over her pant suit and shoes. I think some was in her hair too. She was so mad, she was red faced.

“Joy, sign this now. I have had enough of you and this spice dust you threw on me” She said.

“Joy was with me having a coffee. I am her lawyer, Matt Wong.”

“Whatever, just sign so I can get out of here,” she said.

“No, I asked you to please give me the details of the sale. I want to know what you got for this place.” I said I was standing my ground.

“I don’t have time to run home and get it. Just sign” She said.

“No, my client will not be signing until we read all the paper work. Joy please lock up the metal door. Then you and I can have our lunch.” 

“Fine with me,” I said. I pulled the metal door closed and locked it. I handed him the keys.

“You can bring the paper work to Wong’s restaurant, we will be there all afternoon. Goodbye guys, good to see you too.”

They stood there staring as we turned and walked arm in arm back to the restaurant. I could feel the nasty stare of my sister.

We heard her tell my brother thanks for nothing. You should have made her sign. They left as she stood there by her car. She soon drove off and I sat there scared for the first time in a very long time.

“Joy you come lay down in the guest room,” Alice said.

“Thank you. I am tired and scared. She always was mean,” I said.

“I know. That’s why when Alice called I came right over,” Matt said.

I laid down and fell asleep fast. I slept for three hours. When I woke up, I heard the sounds of a busy restaurant. I washed my face and headed down stairs. I heard my brother talking so I stopped to listen.

“Look Joy was right. My son was to put the spices and things on the web. The money was to go in the shops account my older sister set up. Well, super hacker son noticed that the account number looked off. He kept going and found it was his Aunt's personal account. She has ripped us off, Joy and I that is.” 

“How do you know?” Matt asked.

“My wife is an accountant and...we used her skills and figured it out. Joy and I were cheated out of at least a million each,” he said.

“Look, we printed it out. Joy needs to know I wouldn’t cheat her. She took care of Mom and Dad. The shop was run by her when they were sick and Dad died. She deserves the shop money.” 

“Thank you. I want to see the paper work. Also I would like to buy Liza lunch and dinner. I think she needs to spend the night in the shop.” 

“No problem. I can have Alice fix up a bag. Are you sure?” Matt asked.

“Yes, She wants in the shop, so she shall get in and stay,” I said.

“At last you got mean,” my brother John said.

“No, not mean just even. She is looking for the pearls,” I said.

“Mom's pearls, the antique ones?” 

“Same. I found them before she died. Remember she said who ever found them keeps them.”

My brother and his wife were laughing so hard. It was a relief laugh. They looked so relived.

“I am so glad you found them. So she is looking for them not just the money but the pearls. The pearls have to be worth a small fortune.” 

“Yes, I had them insured. I have one pair of the earrings on now see,” I pulled my hair back.

“Oh my god. I haven’t seen those in years. They look good on you. Well, good you have them. So why didn’t you tell us all?”

“Mom said not too. She said they were mine and to put them in a safe or bank box. I did that, I kept out the seven pair of earrings only.”

“Good for you,” he said smiling.

“So I will take her lunch let her in and leave. The shop's internet and phone are off but the electric goes off Monday.” 

“So you want to lock her in over night only?” 

“Yes, just one night. I think she needs to talk to Mom.” 

“You’re right Joy. I will make her scrumptious lunch and dinner.” 

“Thank you,” I said. I took the large paper bag and walked to the shop.

“You have come to your senses,” my sister said.

“Well, I still want to see the paper work. You need lunch so I brought it.” 

I opened the shop and my sister went in me behind her.

“I will set the food here. You can get what you want,” I said. I went out of the door and locked it up.

My sister didn’t notice, she went to the boxes and was searching them. As I pulled the metal door closed she just was looking around. She would be all right the back room had a cot, small fridge, electric tea kettle and a large bag of food. I felt like a heavy coat was taken off me. 

I walked back to the restaurant my brother, his wife and Matt were waiting on me. Alice was there smiling she knew why I did it. Not because of some pearls but for Mom.


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    1. Fun...Missy and Kirbee with Mum reading ;)