Monday, October 28, 2013

Coffin Hop Day 6

Day 6:

Go grab your cuppa and settle in for the last part of our tale. Welcome back, thank you ever so much for the kind words. Come back tomorrow please.

“Alice thank you for the food bag. What do I owe you?” I asked.

“Nothing. Can I go with you to let her out tomorrow?” She asked.

“Yes, I think we all should let her out about nine am,” I said.

“If that’s what you want, we can do that. I must warn you she could have you charged with kidnapping,” Matt said.

“I didn’t do that. She wanted in the shop I let her in.” 

“All right then. I will be back tomorrow and I have your other brothers number so I will see what I can do with him” Matt said as he left.

“We have two teenagers to fix dinner for, so tomorrow,” My brother said as he and his wife left.

I hugged Alice bye and walked home in cool crisp air. I stopped at the Mexican restaurant and grabbed dinner to take home. It was family owned the food was so good. It was a treat for me and I wanted one. Once home I had my feast.

The kitchen was spotless and the pots and pans were put up. I went to change into my pajamas to watch a movie on T.V. I fell asleep in front of the T.V. and slept soundly for the first time in ages.

In the morning I woke to a lovely fall day. I had a lovely breakfast and dressed for the day. It was a good feeling walking to the shop. I needed to stop at the Wong’s on my way.

As I walked down the street I saw both of my brothers and Matt were standing outside the restaurant. Alice waved at me from the upstairs window. The guys looked worried and Alice looked like the cat who ate the canary. I knew why she and I knew Mom spent the night with one older sister.

“Joy we are glad you got here,” Matt said.

“Problem?” I asked.

“Seems your sister is mad as hell at you. I stopped by the shop to check on her about seven PM. She said she was fine but she was ripping apart the place. She screamed at me that when she was done she would have your head. I asked was it because she locked you in. She said no she has something that should be mine. So expect a mess.” 

My brother who knew smiled. My oldest brother looked very uncomfortable. I think he wanted this over with now.

“Well, you just sign the papers Joy and she will be happy,” Sam said.

“Not until we all talk. I also want to see all ten pages of the sale. My lawyer here will let me know if I should sign,” I said.

“I see.” 

“Why do you care? You got your share and more when Mom died,” My younger John said.

“I don’t understand what you mean,” Sam said.

“Two million reasons for you to play dumb. We saw the accounts,” he said.

“Well, isn’t this nice family reunion. I will go let her nasty self out,” I said.

We walked in silence to the shop a block away. Alice and I hung back as my brothers and Matt were out front. I opened the metal door first and looked in the front window. The place was a mess, boxes empty and torn apart, the counter tipped over and glass broken and every spice drawer was pulled out and tossed on the floor. I unlocked the big carved wooden door slowly. It was hard to open so much was shoved against it. The guys pushed it open so we could get in.

“Lisa where are you?” I yelled, she was going to clean up this mess.

I got to the back room and there she was sleeping on the cot. She had spice dust all over her clothes. It looked like she ate most of the food. The back room was a mess too. The others all were in the front of the shop trying to make a path. Lisa snorted like a stuffed pig. I picked up a plastic cup and tossed it at her head. It was the first time I ever hit anyone in my life.

“What?” Lisa snarled.

“Time to get up and clean up this mess. You are a selfish pig.” 

“Me? Well that's rich. You tried to scare me with all that spice dust. Then the voices like Mom's. Where are my pearls?” 

“Your pearls? I don’t know about your pearls. Maybe you could tell me about my one and half million dollars and John's too.” 

“Joy, sign the paper. I will not call the police and tell them you tried to scare me to death. Also that you locked me inside and wouldn’t let me out.” 

“Lisa, I slept good last night. I was home you heard Mom.” 

“Lisa, just go home bing back the paper work so this can be settled,” John said.

“I will think about it.”

“Well, then we just wont sell the shop. I think we could reopen it,” I said.

“Yes, do that. You can say its haunted and do your voices.”

“Honestly I didn’t try to scare you. It was Mom.” 

As I said that a large crash came from the attic. Dust fell through the air on everything. Another huge bang and then in Chinese a voice said ‘Get the paper work, you have upset your Mother and I’.

“So you rigged up something in the attic too?” Lisa asked.

“No, I am not you. Please just clean up this mess, go home and bring the paper work back,” I said. 

We were all leaving the shop as Lisa stood in the middle with her hands on her hips. She was a mess. Matt tapped my shoulder and motioned for me to go.

Lisa stomped her foot and started screaming at us all.

“Get in here, I will not clean up this. You and your friends tried to scare me. Get back here now,” she screamed.

My brother Sam just went home. John called his wife and Matt and I stood staring at her.

“Joy, lets go. She is having a breakdown. Can we call her husband?” Matt asked.

“John can you call him?” I asked.

“Sure,” John said.

As we stood there we could hear her saying stop these cheap tricks. She was covered in more spice dust. The dust fell increasingly as she screamed at us to get in here and sign the papers.

After what seemed like hours we heard cracking and creaking. Lisa was shaking so angrily, she tossed things at the window at us. The door was open but she stood in the middle of the shop. All I could hear was her ordering to stop doing Dad and Mom's voices.

Her husband drove up just as she threw a large jar at the window. The window shattered. Then as if it were an earth quake the whole shop fell in on it self down. It fell in a neat little pile and spice dust flew out hundreds of feet from the shop. You could see spice dust across the street and the sidewalks were caked in spice dust.

“Joy, what happened?” Matt asked.

“Easy, Margret had enough and down it came” Alice said.

“I think so too.” 

I stood covered in spice dust. Alice, Matt, John just walked away. Matt called 911 to say the shop had fallen in and a woman was inside she had refused to leave it. 

When I looked back the spice dust was all over Lisa’s husbands car. I could see our footprints in the dust. It was like snowing spice dust as the wind picked up.
This weekend gave me something new to think about...