Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year New Adventures

Grab a cuppa and relax for a bit.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I had a
lovely quiet one with family. Princess got so many fun
gifts and loved all of them. I was asked what I got, to
me I got great gifts. I received two books, a corgi
calendar, bottle of Hello Kitty wine, homemade cookies
and fun napkins. I was so happy that my friends and family gave me these. I was looked at as if you poor dear. I am not a poor dear. I asked that people give to their local food bank or animal shelter. That is where there is a need. Maybe I am crazy.

Life has been getting in my way the last three weeks. I
am waiting to hear still on the closing of my house.
The estate agent keeps saying I will know something in
a few days. I think that is real estate talk for no
idea just don’t ask me things. I have plans and they
are holding me up.

I had to say goodbye to neighbors of 10 years this past
weekend. I am sad to see them go they are such lovely
people. I know they are going to a great place with
loads of fun ahead for them.

Today I did get to write a bit. My plan this year is to
write at least two hours a day. OK I may not get to each day but I am going to try. The book I wrote during
NANO is still talking to me. I am still working on the
ending the main characters are talking to me. So their
voices need to be written. I am also looking for an
editor to edit this work as well.

I hope all my friends in cold are safe and warm. Cuddle
with your pets and a good creepy story. If you haven’t read Haunted Bedtime Stories or Three That Haunt go get

So go stay warm and tell me what books did you get for



  1. Love, your blog dear, I got David Baldacci's Last Man Standing, and King & Maxwell for Christmas this year. Along with a belated Christmas present of a Nexus 7 tablet with 32 gigs. Now I can read in the dark easier :)

  2. Loved the blog as always. The Christmas pictures still have me smiling. Although I loved them all, Princess in PJ' s was my favorite. Sorry you are having such a hard time with the closing of your house. Maybe sending some kitteh purrs will help. Give Princess a hug & kiss for me, please. Love & hugs, Susan