Sunday, January 12, 2014

Out of the Freeze

Grab a cuppa, it's cold outside for most of you. It is sadly not cold here. I do miss seasons.

Well, eleven days in to the new year and so little I wish to do done. Then again I want to get things done quickly. My quiet has been interrupted too much. I like quiet and time to think as I write and plot things out. 

So I am not pleased with the ending part of the book I have written so I have an idea how to change it. It will be a good long book. I know that Huntyr will like it.

Princess is well and enjoying our new bed. She keeps going back to it after breakfast. At least my bones feel better not sleeping on rocks.

If you like to see what's up with me daily you can visit my Tumblr account. I post pictures of Princess and things I fancy. I also post on Instagram.

So your books all sound great. I have Doctor Sleep by Stephen King to crack open and start reading today.

So back to writing and thinking. So many ideas, so little time.

Keep reading and any questions for me ask.


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